Drop-Dead Healthy(A.J. Jacobs)-not as drop-dead funny as his other books.

Drop Dead Healthy- A.J. Jacobs

Disclaimer right off the bat: I love A.J. Jacobs. I have loved his previous books. This book held such a sampler of promise. Basically, approaching middle age and having come down with a raging case of topical pnuemonia(while on vacation, no less), A.J. decides that he needs to get in shape, and that’s the crux of this book. A.J.’s claim to fame(or a laugh track, as shown in great depth in his previous books) has always been a disarming ability to be funny, sarcastic, and logical all at the same time. This book just doesn’t have that vibe. It reads more like an encyclopedia of the things he learned(which is true to form, given his other books), and what he did to put that into practice. The point of the book? Yes, yes, but he comes off as more serious than his normal book. And for that and only that reason, he lost a good portion of the rating I normally would have given him. I think he had such a great platform to thrown himself out of a plane while exercising to Richard Simmons, but instead he went the way of Jared, with added inspirational quotes and fawning over Dr. Oz(I jest not). I think it could’ve been so much more fun than this book ended up.

~ by generationgbooks on April 24, 2012.

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