OJ’s Innocent? Say what?

OK. I’m doing my book-juggling again-meaning reading 3 or more books. The beauty of this is untarnished and pretty fucking confusing, at times. Espicially when you’re me and they’re radically different books. For the record, currently reading:

Black Prism- Brent Weeks

Bringing Metal to the Children- Zakk Wylde

OJ’s Innocent and I can Prove it- William S. Dear

You read that last part correctly. A well-known PI and former police officer who has spent over 20 years researching the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case. I’m only 35 pages in, but there is a somewhat compelling bit of evidence that has come forth in the first 30 pages to make one think that perhaps OJ did NOT do it- but took the fall for his son, Jason, who the book is setting up to take the fall. It’s too soon to make any sort of review or whodunit guesswork here, but I don’t read true crime books too often, and I’m HOOKED. So we’ll see.

That blog title got your attention, though? Didn’t it?

Zakk Wylde’s book is great, I could do without a little less of the “God saved me” talk, but again, that’s me.

Black Prism is just really, really good. Again, only 79 pages into it, but so far, really good.

Zakk, I am almost done with, and think I will be in the next day or two. You will see a review on that.

So…pretty boring day once you get past the mail-lady taking off her pants in front of my house. And the neighbor who hates me due to my brother’s bitch-talking- waves and laughs, like it happens everyday(which it may, I’m never here in the morning), and gives me a houseplant. Pretty fucking weird, even for me.  Maybe the houseplant is like the horse’s head in the bed? Thoughts?

~ by generationgbooks on April 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “OJ’s Innocent? Say what?”

  1. Did you ever read any books by Ann Rule (true crime?). I went through all of them and they were so readable.

  2. Hey Laura- I have. Many years ago. I started to feel like one is just the same as the next- unsuspecting victims, motive, psychopaths, etc. This one-well, it’s different. I have to say nothing will trump In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi(sp?)

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