A REAL Vampire young adult book- The Immortal Rules, by Julie Kagawa. 5 out of 5 stars.

Allison is an Unregistered living on the edge of a vampire city. Any time could be her last time. She hits paydirt one night out hunting for food and brings the rest of her “gang”(not in the bad sense) with her. Of course the Rabids pick that time to grab her friends and her. She is dying, and Kannen, her “mentor”, gives her a choice- die as a human or let him Turn her into a vampire.As much as Allison has despised the idea of becoming one of those who has killed many people who matter to her, she makes a split second decision to let Kannen turn her. So Allison becomes a vampire. Glamorous life? Hell no! Kannen trains her on vampire history, societal rules, and the like- and she begins to feel some kinship with him- until he tells her to forget about those she left behind(specifically, those who were with her when she was attacked, including Lucas, whom she was in love with). She goes back against his rules, to the house/shed they were raiding at the time of the attack, and she sees Stick, the “runt” of her pack. She explains that she’s now a vampire, and he turns on her. Not only does he forsake her mere presence, but he runs screaming into the vampire town- to the Prince(the leader of the city) also, and her life and hiding place(as well as Kannen’s) is in trouble. Allison runs back and warns Kannen, but it’s too late- they have discovered their hiding place. Kannen wishes Allison luck, and they part company. Allison soon finds herself “rescuing” two little lost children- who are attached to a band of travelling “Born Again Christian types”(if Christian Scientists were travelling gypsies, this would be the result, I imagine). They lead her to Zeke, who is grateful that she has rescued the two lost kids. He invites her to share the lodgings temporarily as thanks for helping find the kids- and she accepts. Allison and Zeke quickly fall for each other, and it takes all her inner strength to not whip out the fangs and Turn Zeke as well(I have to admit, I really thought that was going to happen, but the beauty of this book is that it doesn’t take a contrived route, as many other young adult books do(Hello Twilight!). Jeb, the leader of the group, is stern and fanatical, but mostly fair to Allison in insisting that she pull her weight during their travels. The others all like Allison, with the exception of Ruth, the stern and suspicious girl who also just happens to be in love with Zeke, and she doesn’t like or trust Allison from the first introduction. The purpose of the group is revealed-they are convinced there is a Eden(like the Eden in the Bible)on Earth and they are travelling to find it, where hopefully a cure to the disease that killed most of their people and spawned the Rabids. Basically, they’re trying to find a city that exists that will save the world. It sounds a bit Kafka-esque. Things deteriorate when one of the group comes in contact with a rabid animal, and then gets very ill. Allison tries to stop herself, but she ends up draining the man out of bloodlust. Her secret is discovered by Ruth, who tells Zeke and Jeb. Zeke pulls the gun on her and tells her to get out of his sight and he never wants to see her again. It ends up being the carrion call for many of them, but Allison does leave and heads off to find the Prince, and enters the City. They imprison the entire gang, and Allison frees those she can- of course, there are fatalities and high drama, espicially Jeb. Zeke survives, and he and Allison have their “moment”, but it’s a bittersweet one. At the end of this book, you feel the beginning of a great trilogy.
Now that the synopsis is over, come the inevitable questions.
A. Was it a contrived vampire novel? No, not by any means. There is none of that fake vampire shit you get with twilight(glitter, garlic does nothing to repel them, etc). Allison’s character, as well as that of all the characters, is incredibly full of depth and not bogus. Very realistic dialogue and settings.
B. The romance between first Lucas and Allison(very short-lived, no pun intended), then Zeke and Allison, is realistic. There’s no fawning, no consummation, no vampire birth scenes to scare you, just straight up reality. Good stuff. No Bella, Edward, no hot werewolves ripping their shirts off,etc. Only death and recriminations.
C. Storyline- is fast paced and you care so much about Allison’s survival and newfound struggle to survive that you are GLAD to keep reading.
D-It’s GREAT. Julie Kagawa has a definite gift. This is by far, the best young adult book I’ve read this year. No joke.


~ by generationgbooks on May 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “A REAL Vampire young adult book- The Immortal Rules, by Julie Kagawa. 5 out of 5 stars.”

  1. Putting this on my TBR list – right now!

    • Awesome. Laura. I borrowed it from the store..but apparently I have a free copy coming to me BECAUSE of my review. I love this stuff! So it’ll be in your bag.


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