Victoria Thompson- not her usual best. Murder On Fifth Avenue- 3 out of 5 stars.

I can always count on Victoria Thompson to deliver. After the last blockbuster of a book, she retreats back into her quiet corner with this one.
Mr. Decker, Sarah’s father, calls Frank Malloy, everyone’s favorite policeman, in to investigate a murder of a friend of his at the exclusive club in which they visit. That in itself, considering he thinks the police are below his station, is shocking. It gets more shocking- not only is the lead murdered, but when the trail starts to get hot, the lead’s valet is also murdered. Throw into this a kept mistress, her kooky mother, the wife of the murdered man, the son who tried to live up to his father’s expectations and failed- and you have a veritable hodgepodge of suspects. Sarah begins investigating by getting close to the secretly pregnant daughter-in-law, while Frank works behind the scenes hoping to find the killer(or is it killers?).
What unsettled me about this book? Not sure. I usually tear my way through them, and this one- I oculdn’t get into it at all. You didn’t have many close scenes with Frank and Sarah, nor did you really see Maeve, Catherine, or his son Brian, not the mention the nosy neighbor we’ve come to love. So- a lot of favorite reliables aren’t so much there, and the action, when it picks up, isn’t break-neck. Well, technically, it is ALMOST breakneck, but not in the sense you would imagine. I was hoping for more. I’m sure the next book will be up to her normal form

~ by generationgbooks on May 15, 2012.

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