Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick- Joe Schreiber- 4.5 out of 5

Right off- the only reason this little young adult morsel of a delight book didn’t get a straight up 5 out of 5 is because it’s so short(coming from me, that’s rich). It’s less than 200 pages in hardcover,and holy crap, what an entertaining little read. I literally read about 102 of those pages in under a hour, with interruptions.

Gobi is a Lithiunian/Serbian exchange student staying with her host family in New York City. She’s very odd, from Perry’s point of view. Perry is the oldest boy in the host family, and he tries to forge a friendship with Gobi, to no real avail. However, he IS quite excited about his band’s first big gig- which coincides with the senior prom. Not a problem, Perry has no plans on going. However- his parents are forcing him to go- and take a lonely Gobi as his date. No problem, Perry figures he’ll make a brief appearance at the prom and then head off to his gig.

Night of the prom- Gobi and he set off. His dad has given him the keys to his pride and joy- the Ferrari. Gobi won’t get off her Blackberry, and quickly informs Perry that they are ditching the prom and heading to the city. Perry isn’t arguing, as he believes that means he’ll make his gig. Of course, the enigmatic Gobi has other plans. She orders Perry to take her to 40/40, Jay Z’s nightclub. They get in, and Gobi disappears into the bathroom for the better part of half a hour. When she returns, she’s a whole new girl- literally. Gone is the frumpish oversized prom dress, and in its place is a femme fatale dressed to kill, red lipstick and all. They get thrown out of the bar and tear off in the car, in enough time for Perry to realize that people are now shooting at him and Gobi. Not only that, but people are tossed out the plate glass window of the nightclub, shortly after they’re bounced.  What follows? Breakneck cars races, mysterious run- in’s with Russian mafia, shoot-outs, and the mother of all great events in this book- a BEAR FIGHT. Yes, a BEAR FIGHT.

Perry begins to get pissed at having his life threatened at every turn of the crazy Gobi’s adventure wheel, and begins questioning Gobi. He doesn’t get much out of her, and after a run-in with one of her crazy European friends, throws her super secret lifeline-the Blackberry-into a lake. At this, Gobi informs him he’s messed up bad, and that there’s a bomb in the basement of his house, where his little sister, dad, and mom are currently at. He tries to warn his family, only to have them go nuclear because he’ s out past curfew with the car, and of course, the fact that he’s telling them there’s a bomb is clearly him trying to invent an excuse to get out of trouble. Gobi has a small attack of conscience, and they fight to get back to the house and stop the bomb from exploding(why is there a bomb there? It’s all kind of a shadowy explanation that Gobi doesn’t fully explain, you are led to believe if Perry hadn’t chucked the Blackberry, we might have had more of an explanation) and killing his family.

What happens? Read it! You won’t be sorry. This book had me at BEAR FIGHT.


~ by generationgbooks on May 21, 2012.

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