Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side- Beth Fantaskey(4 out of 5)

Oh boy, did I need to read a book like this.

I’ve hit one of those reading ruts we often fall into. This one was a doozy. I even tread myself down the oft-not imitated path of re-reading Ivanhoe. No thank you.

Jessica is a teen growing up in a small town when a tall, dark mysterious stranger sweeps into her family life. Lucius is from Romania, and after many questions and a lingering sense of unease, Jessica’s parents inform her that Lucius is not only a vampire, but she is betrothed to him! Jess, who has a mad crush on the geeky kid in her class, is having none of it. Lucius is determined, and more importantly than that, falling for Jess. Jess begins to date Jake, her geek crush, and realizes that she misses Lucius and the bond they have forged in normal everday life(there’s talk of the undead, stakes, sunlight, etc, but also some good old fashioned caring, and of course, an unspoken of attraction on Jess’ part). When Lucius has finally had enough and distanced himself from an adamant Jess, he begins dating Faith, Jess’ mortal enemy, and Jess sees red- as in blood. Where she had been vehemently opposed to being made into a vampire so that her and Lucius could marry and carry on the ‘blood dynasty'(my bad pun, by the way), her jealousy takes over and takes her by surprise. She dumps Jake, does research on her “new” identity, and begins to try to win Lucius over. He has shunned the vampire life, and now his life is in danger with the “blood family”. It sounds very complicated and complex, but it’s really just a great little book. Lucius writing home to his uncle Vasile- those letters are not only self-deprecating, but hilarious as well. Fantaskey could’ve made a whole book out of letter Lucius wrote to Vasile in Romania.

I think this is the perfect mix of romance, light hearted reality, and some good old fashioned bloodletting. I highly recommend it if you want a fun, young adult read

~ by generationgbooks on May 26, 2012.

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