What? You can give a crap about crooks? The Darlings- by Cristina Alger(4 out of 5)

Another great debut novel.

The Darlings are an affluent family living in New York. They are the toasts of many a high-class affair, and the live the exact lifestyle you would expect from a stereotype such as the one I just typed. The family, led by the domineering Carter, is as close as you would expect- until the walls come crashing down. Morty, a friend of the family and another co-worker at the investment firm that the Darlings own, commits suicide amid whispers of the firm being investigated by the SEC. The family is stunned, even more so when on the night after the suicide, Carter is told, in no uncertain terms, that he is to start cooperating with the SEC immediately. What follows? Well, a story of a family falling apart. Parts of the family are oblivious to how bad things are, other parts are devastated, still others fight and attempt to plea bargain. Basically, you get the skin and bones of the store, but along with it- unlike many other novels like this I’ve read(Jay McInenery, for example), you get a concise and realistic story of the distinctive personalities of the family itself. I REALLY liked this book because you get inside the characters and start to care a lot about them and about what’s about to happen to them. Even after you get the whole story at the end, you still want to know how the story unfolds and what happens to everyone. It’s also a very real story in terms of being applicable to today’s economic state of upheaval. You read so many stories in the print and social media, about investment scams, Ponzi schemes, and the like, and most of the time(if you’re me, espicially), you scoff, snicker, call them crooks, etc. I went into this book thinking I was going to have that conversation with the book throughout the book. However, not the case with this book. Cristina Alger has managed to keep your attention riveted throughout, and at the same time you’re shaking your head reading this, you’re also falling in love with the characters. Not an easy thing to do in today’s literary world. A debut novel definitely worth giving a shot.

~ by generationgbooks on May 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “What? You can give a crap about crooks? The Darlings- by Cristina Alger(4 out of 5)”

  1. At first, it seemed you were describing a Bret Easton Ellis book. However, once you mentioned that you cared about the characters, that could no longer be the case.

    • Dave, I KNEW it reminded me of someone. I only read one Bret Easton Ellis, if I had read more, I’m sure I would’ve said “Wait a minute.” I went with Jay McInerney because I read his in the late 80’s and that’s the vibe I had with this one. Except the characters were- as I stated-human.

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