Days Go By and Still I think About What to Blog(my apologies to Dirty Vegas). Welcome to NEVER TIRE OF THIS TUESDAY!

Yes, I know I’m two days late delivering this feature. Again, I’m watching what my fellow book bloggers are doing, and while I want to learn from them, I want to be different- doing some regular features on a weekly basis, but different than what they do. So, on Tuesday of every week, I will pick a book that I never get tired of and re-read multiple times. My hope in doing this is that I can get some of my friends to catch onto books that I have read multiple times, and hopefully opening some eyes to some forgotten greats as well as some gain the book some new fans.  We will call this little THEME(THEME, NOT MEME)- NEVER TIRE OF IT TUESDAY.

My first pick- is one of my all-time favorites. Shadow Of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This book was passed onto me by one Chelsea V, a former colleague of mine at Kooks-A-Million, and Donna B, and also perhaps Josh B(I can’t remember totally), but we’ll credit the formerly great Hinsdale Kooks-A-Zillion store for bringing this to my book-o-sphere. 

In the 1950’s in Barcelona, a young man named Daniel comes into possession of a rare book titled Shadow of the Wind, by a reclusive novelist named Julian Carax. There’s a lot of mystery attached to this book, including rumors of a man who’s burning every single copy of the book he can find. Why? Well, that’s where the fun begins. And when I say fun, I mean, a kaleidoscope of history, mystery, deceit, forbidden romance, a love of books, and quite a cast of unforgettable supporting characters. There’s Fermin, a leftist who’s agenda is supposedly linked with Daniel’s quest to find out what the story with this book is. There’s Beatriz, his best friend’s forbidden sister, with secrets that may outnumber the novel. There’s a blind Lolita to add to this mix, a fan who seems…well, not all there, and not just because she’s blind and super mysterious. Daniel finds out that Carax’s body was dumped into an alley, but guess what? Not what you-or Daniel-thought it was. This book, I’m not kidding, every other page, there’s a surprise waiting to come out. I have NEVER read a book like this one. Such a great gothic mystery, and Daniel, well, Daniel is about the most doggedy determined 10-yr old kid you would want as a book detective. When I first ran into this book, in 2004, well, suffice to say, I had just finished with a bunch of lukewarm crappy novels. This book CONSUMED me…for the two days it took me to read it. There were parts that I read and went “What? Really?” and had to go back and re-read it. By far, probably the best book I’ve read in my lifetime, as far as stunning, beautifully written, realistic dialogue, a wonderfully invoked portrait of Spain and it’s literary culture in the 50’s(who knew? I didn’t.). I recommend it to anyone who asks me for a “classic.” The word “classic” and its meaning- well, that’s another blog. I will call this a CLASSIC that needs to be read time and time again. 
Check it out, I guarantee you’ll love it. And yes, for those who wonder after the stunning end to this book(and I am NOT being facetious when I state that, I was speechless), does he have another one in him? Carlos Ruiz Zafon did a follow up to this great book- that book, the sequel, is called ANGEL’S GAME, and takes up with where Daniel left off at the end of Shadow of the Wind. Is it as awesome? Well, truthfully, no. It’s not bad, though, and you still come away with that thought- this guy can write. And he can. He’s now doing teen books, and they promise to be as great. So do yourself a favor- check out Shadow Of the Wind. Image

~ by generationgbooks on June 7, 2012.

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