Line Between Here and Gone- Andrea Kane(2 out of 5)

I wish I would’ve dug this book more.
I liked the first in the Forensic Instincts series, but this second book..well, it jumped all over the place like a spastic Justin Bieber fan given too many Altoids.
The trouble begins when Amanda’s son is born with a immune deficiency that requires a transplant. Normally, it wouldn’t have been an issue, had her fiance not been murdered before she had even told him she was pregnant. Now her son’s life hanging in the balance, and no one can help her son. She gets a cell phone photo sent to her from a friend, that resembles Paul, her dead fiance, more than can just be a coincedence. A desperate Amanda goes to Forensic Instincts, and tells them her story. Moved and wanting to help, they take the case.
The story ambles along, bringing into the circle of suspects Amanda’s own uncle, as well as the main question- if Paul is alive, they need to find him so he can save his son’s life, as well as finding out who set up this murder charade in the first place, why, and how can it be rectified?
It becomes obvious to the team that various members are being followed, while others are racing against the clock to keep themselves safe while finding answers for Amanda, as her son grows sicker and more helpless.
This book, from the start, I just didn’t get into it as easily as I did Andrea Kane’s first novel. There was something missing in the narrative. Emotions? No, those are running high, as they should be, given the plot. Lack of caring for the main character and her son? No, I wondered if they were going to be able to beat the clock and save the poor kid. Lack of caring about the Forensic Instincts team? Maybe a little bit of that, yes. This time, the versatile personalities of the team and their natural differences annoyed me- it seemed as if the sniping in some parts of the book took away from the plot of Amanda, her presumed dead fiance, and her ill son. That was slightly irritating.
The ending, it seemed to me, they took the easy way out here. The explanation for what happened, how it happened, if Paul is or isn’t alive, what happens to her son, well, it’s explained to a point it makes sense, but the entire middle story is lacking- I don’t know what the word is- suspense. It falls flat, this book. And again, I’m at a complete loss as to explain why. It just doesn’t click. For that, I can’t say it’s my favorite or even in my top favorites. It was just a quick read.


~ by generationgbooks on June 7, 2012.

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