Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts- Claire Lazebnik(4 out of 5)

What a neat little book.
A quick read, a funny book, and more than anything- you give a crap about these characters. Not only did I identify with the characters, but I’m convinced someone stepped into my life and somehow thought up Keats, the lead character in the book.
I haven’t read many books lately where I give a crap about the characters.
Keats is the underachiever of the family. She’s the daughter who just graduated with normal grades, she has a normal job, she has a stable(ie-boring as hell) relationship of 10 years, and she’s content to not rock the boat. She’s living in the shadow of her overachiever dynamo big sister Hopkins. Her younger brother Milton is anti-social and doesn’t leave his room or his computer-ever. Their mother is divorcing their father, and is out dating all over the place. Their father isn’t in the best of health, isn’t taking well to the divorce or his soon-to-be-ex-wife selling the house, and suffers a heart attack, bringing things to a head.
Keats is having a hell of a time. She’s just hit the 10-year anniversary mark with her boyfriend Tom. She’s expecting a ring for her birthday, instead he’s gotten her name tattooed on him. This makes Keats realize things just aren’t what she’s imagined them to be. Namely, she’s not that happy with Tom. This realization, of course, is accompanied by a regrettable action that ultimately leads to her ending her relationship with Tom. Her oddball family- who never really warmed to him anyway- encourages her to get out and start dating again, but Keats is torn by feelings of shame for hurting her now ex and her burgeoning feelings for Jacob, who’s basically a member of the family without the bloodline attached. She’s also torn by feelings of wanting to beat the crap out of her annoying sister, who can’t squeeze time to come see her ailing father into her super busy schedule. Keats finally snaps and tells her sister like it is. She also begins to realize that to be happy, she needs to shake things up and go for the brass ring.
Overall, I have to say, just a great book to read. You can’t put it down, because you want to see things work out for Keats and her oddball family. A good book to read if you need to take your mind off of things.


~ by generationgbooks on June 14, 2012.

One Response to “Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts- Claire Lazebnik(4 out of 5)”

  1. I’d read this.

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