THIS WEEK IN BOOKS…Sunday edition presented on Wed.(Printer’s Row Late Edition)

My Sunday edition was delayed, due to my manning the ever-exciting Arts & Poetry Stage at The Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chicago this weekend. It was further delayed by my ever-increasing luck with technology. Basically i walked by my CLEAR modem and the fucking thing blew up- so…no Internet until late last night. Therefore, all bets-and blogs-are off. Here is the week in books!


Books Borrowed from the Store:

1. Grave Mercy- Robin LeFevers. (Review coming tomorrow)


Books Purchased:
None. Still paying off Taxman

Books Won: Families and Other Non-Returnable Gifts- Claire LaZebnik. Masque of the Red Death- Bethany Griffin. In The Garden of Beasts-Erik Larson. Revived-Csat Patrick

Books Received from Publishers(free for eventual reviews): Life Without Parole-Clare O’Donohue. Bella Fortuna-Rosanna Chiofalo. Beautiful Sacrifice-Elizabeth Lowell.

Books received from Authors: Into This World-Sybil Baker. 



~ by generationgbooks on June 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “THIS WEEK IN BOOKS…Sunday edition presented on Wed.(Printer’s Row Late Edition)”

  1. That should be Revived by CAT Patrick. In my wine-soaked delirium, I cannot spell to save my life.

  2. I love seeing the weekly round-up of books!!!!!!

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