Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers(5 out of 5). Favorite Young Adult Novel of the Month!

First, let me say this- what a fantastically, gripping ride of a book this is. Second, I CANNOT wait for the follow-ups(yes, it’s a trilogy). Third, I will sell my kidney to Charlie Sheen to get people to read it. 

Ismae finds out that she was fathered by St. Mortain, the God of Death. She ends up in a convent where his other daughters are trained in the tools and trade of assassination. She ends up being sent to the court of Brittany to kill the traitor in the court and keep the throne intact. Ismae’s bond with the nuns who taught her the trade is rendered inoperable as she quickly finds proof several times over that all is not as it seems with the nuns and the things she’s been told and taught to believe(and do). She meets Gavriel Duval, and immediately they clash. Deep beneath that clashing? Of course- imminent and forbidden attraction. Gavriel is a great male lead. He’s written in with internal struggles, a strong yet skewered sense of family, a desire to get Ismae to see the light, as well as a desire-well, to get Ismae. You feel like Gavriel Duval, in a modern day setting, would be a great character in True Blood(in fact, likely better than most or all of the current male staff of that overrated show, but that’s another blog). More importantly, he eventually gets Ismae to see his side of things- and oh boy, that’s where the action really kicks into high gear!

What happens? Wow, where to start? Every freaking page is a revelation. I truly LOVED this book. I can’t get enough of my friends to read it(hint, hint, Felicia. LOL). The historical details are on the money, the true diabolical nature of medieval court is realistically represented, the cloak and dagger intrigue is just that- full of cloak and daggers. The developing attraction between Gavriel and Ismae- is handled realistically. No phony glitter fang courtship here, folks. I mean, I seriously was pissed that the book ended- I wanted it to keep going. In that spirit, I will sell the crap out of it to anyone who asks me for a recommendation. Not a book to be missed!


~ by generationgbooks on June 18, 2012.

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