I realize I haven’t posted a new book to keep re-reading in several weeks. It’s been all sorts of busy for yours truly. Happily, only a fraction of that was unnecessary bullshit. That said, I have also decided if I don’t get a chance to post a new book on Tuesday, I’ll do so Thursday. So without further ado, here’s today’s pick:


Tom Violet is a man trying to hold it together. He’s stuck in a job he detests, as a copywriter. If not for his new protege(whom he happens to be crushing on), he would have quit already. He’s married to his sweetheart, but the struggle for them to conceive a child is starting to take some of the romance out of it for Tom and puts stress on his marriage, to the point that he can’t fire the gun when he needs to. His dog has anxiety issues. His manuscript is done and waiting to get published. The timing on that last part sucks for him, as his famous, successful novelist father, Curtis Violet, has just won the freaking Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Tom isn’t quite sure he wants to bring out his own magnum opus when his dad is being exalted everywhere on the planet. His adorable daughter is probably the most sane character in this book. However, things have a funny way of working out. You simply cannot put this book down. Tom is such an awesome, realistic male character. A lot of men have issues measuring up to their fathers- imagine if you’re a writer and finally think you’ve hit the mother lode with your work, and your dad wins the most coveted literary prize around? You love your wife, but you believe she’s loving it up with her trainer, and that makes you want to love it up with your cute, young co-worker? Everyone’s had that work crush that is doomed to imminent ground zero. It’s such an easy, funny as hell read that resonates on multiple levels. Every single character is likable(well, except for Tom’s idiot boss, but really, how often do you not want to strangle your own boss?). And just when you think you’re to the end and things are going to get resolved, you get one last wallop- but in the process of this reveal, it makes you realize this witty, heartwarming debut novel has such a giant heart beating underneath it that you simply cannot put out. I love the hell out of this book. To a ridiculous extent. I would sell my painted toenails to RuPaul if I could get everyone who walks into the bookstore to buy this(we haven’t done too bad pushing it, almost 40 copies in the last year since we got it in). I cannot wait for Matthew Norman’s next book. In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for reading it another 40 or so times. One thing I wouldn’t advise? Reading it while drinking red wine and wearing a white shirt. Those wine stains are hard to get out when you’re laughing your ass off. 

~ by generationgbooks on June 28, 2012.


  1. I am so glad you recommended this book to me! It was really great! I would love to read his next book too…I am following him on FB so I will be sure to known when it is coming.

    • I just sent him a Tweet with a link to the blog. I hope i did the book justice. I had to re-write it three times. My enthusiasm is never ending for it.


  2. Like it a lot. Have it on my staff recommends.

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