6 At the 6-Month Mark(6 Favorite Books So Far this Year)

We’ve all seen “Best Of” lists..usually at the end of a year. I’m sure there are book bloggers I haven’t discovered or befriended yet who do the half-year list, but I haven’t seen any yet(if I’m wrong, please, please, post the link to your list so we can compare). So- that gave me an idea for a post. Truthfully, compared to this time last year, 2012 has been a disappointing year for books, for me at least. Just not as many scintillating titles as last year. This post last year? would’ve been top 12. 

What have I enjoyed? A-Starting the Blog and Meeting Many New Friends. B- Reading all these new blogs & following the same blogs. C-Discovering a way to network and meet new friends in the publishing world. D-Finding out  that 3 essays that I wrote haphazardly are going to be published. Talk about freaking the fuck out. E.-Getting into Book Blog Giveaway Hops, which led to other giveaway hops, which lead to eco-friendly blogs, which led to me getting ready to freelance on my own eco-friendly blog, before joining my friend’s blog next January(see, turning 40 isn’t all that bad, young people). So in that aspect, there has been much happiness.

Now, without further ado, and without further prodding(from my few loyal followers who do comment), here goes my top 6 so far this year.

1. Grave Fever- Robin LaFevers. What a tremendously awesome young adult novel. Deceit, Daughter of Death, Roguish Man with Many Wounds, Swords, and not a bit of Bullshit. Some of the young adult books I read this year just petered out halfway through. This kept me up for a day and a half. I love the characters, even the ones you aren’t sure are on the side of the good. I love the time period and the true of the book. It isn’t one of those light and fluffy teen reads, either. The cover is spectacular, and I cannot wait til the next book comes out(it is a trilogy).

2. Immortal Rules- Julie Kagawa. Do you want a REAL young adult vampire read? Screw that Twilight shit. This is the rule thing. I refer to my posts on this and Grave Fever for complete reviews. To sum it up, she’s another very talented author. I know she has other series, and believe me, I will return to her books sooner rather than later. You can’t put her book down either. She’s got the second best female YA character of the year.

3. One Breath Away- Heather Gudenkauf. Another book I refer you to my complete review for. Holy hell, I loved that one so much I read it twice. I compared it to Jodi Picoult several time, but it beats the crap out of Jodi Picoult. You have no freaking idea what’s going to happen and who the bad guy/gal is. Until the very end. I love books like that.

4. Bent Road- Lori Roy. Another small-time book. Meaning hardly any publicity, and it’s fabulous. No doubt one of the most dark, twisted, and gripping books I have read in a long time. Everyone who knows me know I’m not a huge fan of suspense/mysteries(not as much as I used to be). I thought- it takes place in rural Kansas, I’m not going to dig it. Something about that dark cover drew me in. For the love of Odysseus, read it!

5. Girl in the Steel Corset- Kady Cross- part of the Steampunk Chronicles. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s published and marketed by Harlequin Teen. Harlequin is a dirty word for most people, due to those supermarket Wal-Mart monthly romances. Yes, I read them when I was a kid. My mother was appalled- but because it was reading, well, she bought them for me. I was 11 and rocking out to “Kissing To Be Clever” by Culture Club, eating a whole gallon of Schoep’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream(still the best I’ve ever had), and reading them. Like an automon. Sorry, bad nostalgia memory there(if you want more of that, read my second book, coming out before the meteor hits in December, 2013. The Aztecs predicted that). Anyway- just because it’s put out by an imprint, does not mean it’s Harlequin-type material. I can assure you, many of the titles put out by Harlequin Teen are really great books. This one, is by far, my favorite of the ones I have read. My review is coming tomorrow or later tonight for this book, so I won’t go into great detail except to say READ IT. It is steampunk, but young adult steampunk. Another genre I was not familiar with(although Map Of Time by DePalma, which I’m starting soon, is steampunk), and cannot wait to explore more of. I love her style of writing, and Finley Jayne is by far one of the coolest female characters I’ve run into this year. Love it, can’t wait to read the others.



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