Never Tire of It Wednesday….. FATHERMUCKER by Greg Olear

A day later, always several dollars short…here’s the weekly book I never tire of. 

Again- a more recent book. This came out in the magical spring of 2011(every freaking paperback book Harper Perennial released last spring/summer was magical, no shit). Not a debut, he’s written an earlier book called Totally Killer-dark and comedic. Mostly dark, but engaging nevertheless. This book that I’m going to go on about for a bit-is gold.

Josh Lansky is a struggling screenwriter trying to get his shit together and get his work published. In the meantime, he’s an out-of-regular work dad who’s watching his kids for a week while his wife is out of town. Josh quickly becomes a favorite with the mommy pool, so much so that one of the moms decides to let him in on a “secret”- they believe that his wife is having an affair. Josh is already half over the edge trying to get his kids in line- his daughter is precocious and believes that she has the answers to everything. His son is a special-needs child, and needs extra attention. Unfortunately, so does Josh. He tries to reach his wife multiple times, but instead keeps reaching her voicemail. So what happens when you can’t get ahold of someone and there are wild accusations rolling about? Your wild and stifled imagination takes over. Josh has some great hallucinations of his wife having affairs with everyone from the donut-obsessed police officer who nails him with a speeding ticket(stereotypes, in this scenario, are freaking hysterical) to Ashton Kutcher, breaking up his marriage(not that the real thing lasted much longer after this novel was released, but I digress) to Demi. Josh gets close to one of the other moms, but fights off temptation while he waits for his wife to return from the business trip and help him with their kids. The two kids, as well as several of the moms in the mommy pool, are flat out funny. There were parts of this book where I had to set it down because I was laughing so fucking hard that I had to stop. There’s a lot of heart in this book also- Josh is going through the typical feelings of not measuring up to being the breadwinner, along with worrying that he’s messing his kids up by not being able to be a supermom like his wife, and yet trying to do all of that while finishing his manuscript. This book has a ridiculous amount of heart and humor in equal parts. Do yourself a favor and check it out. 

~ by generationgbooks on July 11, 2012.

One Response to “Never Tire of It Wednesday….. FATHERMUCKER by Greg Olear”

  1. Definitely something I want to check out. Your reaction is reminiscent of my reading of Hornby’s How To Be Good.

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