Let’s Pretend This Never Happened- Jenny Lawson(5 out of 5)

Jenny Lawson-aka The Bloggess(I had to check the spelling on that word about ten times already), has a wildly popular little blog online. This book is her “memoir”. I put the old air quotes on it, because somehow, I have the feeling she would approve. 

Jenny is from Wall, Texas, a little hole-in-the-wall type of place. Her father is a taxidermist, and thought nothing unusual of bringing home rattlesnakes or squirrels that are later turned into puppets. Her mother tried to keep her childhood and household as normal as possible. Jenny’s sister has some great moments in her memoir also. I can’t even tell you how hard you will laugh your ghetto-booties off after reading about the new take on the “Godfather Horse Head in the Bed” scenario she’s involved in. 

Jenny meets her husband Victor. I have to take a parallel U-turn here and applaud this man. He reminds me of Fletch, Jen Lancaster’s husband(and if you like Jenny and haven’t read Jen Lancaster, for shame- go read all her books after this one!). The conversations and the arguments that Jenny and Victor have- hilarious. From meeting the parents to planning the wedding to selling their house to arguing over scorpions, you never get enough of these two. I almost hope Victor gets a book deal- or a blog- so we get his side of this!

You also read about Jenny’s career in the workforce(before the blog). The HR stories- if nothing else, the penis confrontation tactics and stories- are enough to guarantee you will piss your pants. I seriously cannot tell you how great that chapter is. There are also the stories of Jenny’s trip with other bloggers to wine country, when she’s not at all a wino. Great stories. Her wine journal entries while tasting- even better.

I can’t go on enough about how fucking hysterical this book is. I have read other book blog reviews that were lukewarm, and saw her childhood as “traumatic.” Don’t get that at all, her family doesn’t end up categorically insane, and you’re laughing your ass off the whole time you read about them. I think it was a highly unusual childhood, and that’s the stuff that great memoirs are made of. You can’t read fucking sad, depressing books all the damn time. You have to have some happy there somewhere. You’ll pee your pants, laugh your ass off, and I guarantee you will want all your coolest friends who have a sense of humor(and strong stomach) to read this also. 


~ by generationgbooks on August 13, 2012.

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