Beautiful Sacrifice by Elizabeth Lowell(2 out of 5).

Lina Taylor is an archaeologist who teaches and specializes in Mayan artifacts. Hunter Johnson is one of her students who blackmails her for information and tries to save her from her evil family. There is a LOT of talk of Mayans, the culture, artifacts, rituals, and yes, sacrifices. You get the gist pretty quick that Lina is going to be the beautiful sacrifice that the book is titled for. Hunter is a character written in a stereotypical way- you feel like he’s all brawn and brains and the heart of gold underneath. I think Lina loses her focus on finding out who is smuggling and stealing these priceless artifacts, and the minute she hops into bed with Hunter, well, it goes the way of a typical Wal-Mart paperback. Which is a damn shame. I’ve read other titles by Lowell, and enjoyed them. Truthfully, I enjoyed this until the obvious consummation scene took place. Then the bad guy was shown to be a bad guy, Lina races for her life and runs right into the arms of her zealous, mysteriously cold family members- and kaboom- the plot stalls. Not completely, just enough to make you lose interest in the plot, the ending, etc. The bad guys(multiple) show themselves in a fashion that I wasn’t very surprised to read, and it ends pretty close to how I thought it would. Sad. Lowell crafts a good beginning and the middle and end lose it. Not all of her titles, just this one. If you want some light beach reading or something that will not make you insane(or a dearth of knowledge about the Mayans, sometimes so much you feel like December 21, 2012 is this book) with depth and brain freeze, this is the one for you.

~ by generationgbooks on August 22, 2012.

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