Southern Gods by John Horner Jacobs(4 out of 5)

Wow. Southern Gothic may be my new favorite sort of book to read.

Bull Ingram is a retired veteran working as an enforcer when he’s hired by to find Ramblin John Hastur, whose mysterious blues music broadcasts from a phantom station, making living men go insane and bringing about the resurrection of the long dead. Ingram gets an earful and is motivated into action, ending up in Arkansas in 1951, trailing through all sorts of interesting landscapes and situations in his quest to get the story and Hastur. It seems the rumor is that Hastur sold his sold to the devil(not unlike Robert Johnson at the Crossroads. Oddly enough, this is the 2nd book I read this week that brings that whole historical musical rumor into play). Of course, once you have that introduced into the book, you know the path to the answer is going to be wrought with sinister beings and happenstance. Indeed, that’s what happens. Do you mind? Oh no, you can’t wait to see what Bull is going to have to deal with next. And what a freakfest it is! Sacrifices, the strength of the human mind and spirits, and good old horror all add up to one hell of a great book.

PS- I would not recommend this for those afflicted with a weak constitution or no sense of humor. You will not appreciate this awesomeness.

~ by generationgbooks on August 26, 2012.

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