This Week In Books(Two Weeks of Insanity Edition)

This is a two-fer(is that spelling even correct?)- Two weeks worth.  Last week was a testament to some level of patience I didn’t know I possessed, whether it was adjusting to my dad’s newfound health regiment, to trying to lose weight and get my shit together(health wise), or just being a busy midget….here’s what I got in the last two weeks.

Checked out from the Store: Southern Gods- John Hornor Jacobs, Don Juan in Hankey, PA- Gale Martin(reviews on both coming!)

Won in Giveaways(Shelf Awareness, BookTrib, and many different book blogs)- Heaven Should Fall-Rebecca Coleman, Shear Murder-Nancy J. Cohen(Lori at Dollycas, you are my heroine), Every City- David Levithan, Glass Butterfly-Louise Marley, Map of the Sky- Felix J. Palma

Received from Hachette as part of their early reviewer program- Schroder-Amity Gaige, Who Could That Be at this hour?-Lemony Snicket(I am ridiculously excited at this one!)

Received from ABA advance reads box: Better than Chocolate- Sheila Roberts



~ by generationgbooks on August 26, 2012.

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