Attachments by Rainbow Rowell(5 out of 5).

Weeks ago, I was whining that I haven’t read a book that made me laugh so hard my sides hurt- or that I gave enough of a squirt about the characters- since Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman. So I got on Google and typed “Books like Domestic Violets”, and it threw me to Old Reliable, Goodreads. That’s where I found the blurb about this book= The Attachments= by Rainbow Rowell. I ordered it into the store, bought it, and finally sat down to read it this past weekend. Then the freaking air conditioner broke, and that was a two-day ordeal(no, it’s still not fixed). Then I had work and came home, to little or no concentration. So Ididn’t actively pick it up again until Thursday,after the hot water sprung a leak(I couldn’t make up this week). Then I couldn’t put it down. And yes, it did help take my mind off this week-immensely. It also made me laugh, and hope for a happy ending.

Lincoln is a thirty-something year old guy, living at home with his mom. He’s working as an “IT guy” at a newspaper where Y2K is just around the corner. His boss Greg informs him that he’s now going to be reading emails as his job- and flagging possible problem . Lincoln already doesn’t like this, but he likes it even less when he gets pulled into an email friendship between Jennifer and Beth, two friends who work there. Before he knows how it happened and how to stop it, Lincoln finds himself really enjoying the emails, and even more worrisome, he’s falling in love with Beth- via email. Lincoln continues to try to run into Beth, and keeps getting derailed. There’s also the little fact that Beth has a steady boyfriend, a loner who’s in a rock band and not real good at emotional anything. Through a series of unbelievable coincedences, Lincoln finally gets his chance and meets Beth. He also happens to help Jennifer out of a tight spot, and gains her approval(via email). Lincoln really flips his wig when he reads that Beth thinks he’s cute and that she digs him. He promptly freaks out, and quits his job, leaving her a farewell note explaining what happened. He begins teaching a class at the university, and in a true romantic twist, ends up meeting up with Beth at a movie theater. What happens? Does Beth kick his ass for reading those emails between her and Jennifer? Does she dump her ding-dong boyfriend? Does the author address the similiarities between the sequence of events in the story and the movie You’ve Got Mail?(That last part was just a joke. Seriously).

I really am glad Goodreads suggested this book. I hadn’t heard of the book, nor the author, although I think the bookstore had it at one point when we opened two years ago. I really, really, enjoyed the book. I really, really, really enjoyed Lincoln- the more characters I read like him, the more I have faith that there are really still some romantically-inclined lost-boys out there who aren’t pond scum. It’s a great story, and it’s funny. A win- win all around.

~ by generationgbooks on September 10, 2012.

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