Frozen Heat by Richard Castle(3 out of 5)

Most of you know I have a little obsession with ABC’s show Castle. That extends to my not only reading ridiculous amounts of Castle fan fiction, but it also extends to these books. Castle, in case you aren’t a regular viewer, is the male lead of the show, a cocky, immature writer who is a friend of the Mayor of New York City and who begs to be allowed to shadow a detective at the precinct, as a model for a new fictional series.. The books are allegedly written by the character on the show that Nathan Fillion plays(quite well, may I add, biased as all hell). The books always come out a week or two before the new season of the ABC drama starts, and mirror the show’s characters.

This book- no different. Nikki Heat(based on Kate Beckett, the detective that Castle follows, befriends, and ultimately, falls in love with) is still trying to find out who killed her mother-this book is quite a step in the direction of finding out who the party(ies) are. This book felt like it lost a little something. Last season’s(#4) of Castle- fucking awesome. This book- not so much. I’m very sorry to say that, but it’s true. The conflicted relationship that viewers saw on Castle most of last season plays out in the pages of the book as well, down to the therapist. However, Jameson Rook(aka Castle) is not much more than window dressing in much of this book. There’s some headway made in the case, but by the end of the book, you’re confused. I was fucking confused, no joke. There is, however, a great cliffhanger that will leave you dying for the next book(next Sept).  Unfortunately, the cliffhanger didn’t make up for the looseness of this book. I was disappointed in this one. Usually, much more camrarderie between the precinct, and while you see some moments, it’s fragmented greatly. There wasn’t a great thread of continuity running through it, like there usually is. So- I would say, if you absolutely MUST satisfy your Castle craving, buy it and read it(as I did). It’s definitely not the best of the four that have come out.

~ by generationgbooks on September 17, 2012.

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