My Heart Is An Idiot by Davy Rothbart(5 out of 5)

Did you ever wish your favorite rock n’ roll singer would write a book of autobiographical essays? Well, he has. Davy Rothbart, technically, isn’t a rock star, but he has the heart and soul of one. He’s the founder and editor of Found magazine. He has done a well-heralded documentary on the bank Rise Against(actually, that’s not right- he’s done two of them). He’s a man who’s had a documentary filmed based on him- also titled My Heart Is An Idiot. Hence, the accompanying literary volume is one of the books I have recently finished.

What is love? What is the conventional portrait of love painted for us? What happens when that picture is shattered? Over and over again? Do you stop believing? Do you keep trying, even as you realize the futility for some people? Do you, after another unmitigated disaster, find yourself shaking your head and drinking your way through your pain? Or do you just jump in your car and find your next adventure?

Davy has a very plaintive voice in every essay. He goes through his book of life and shares stories that stand out. They run the gamut from bittersweet and strange to selfish and heartwrenching. No two adjectives alike can describe these individual  experiences. You are struck, again and again, by the fact that he would just hop in his car and drive off to wherever and whomever was holding his heart hostage at that time. Davy is a true modern-day Cyrano and tells it like it is. Never once do you read this book and say “This dude is unbelievably shallow or stupid.” You find yourself shaking your head at some points, feeling wrung out at others, cheering for him at other parts, screaming at others. In reading this, you find yourself as emotionally topsy-turvy as Davy is throughout the book- but here’s the catch: You sympathize. You want to see him find happiness around the next corner. You end up recommending the book to every cool person you’ve ever met. And you should! It’s a fantastic collection of tales of someone who does his best in every situation, not often making the best decisions, and yet- you are rooting for him! You find yourself jumping in and out of that emotional waterslide with Davy.  You can’t wait for others to be on that emotional see-saw. It’s truly a terrific book, and I can’t wait to recommend it to everyone.

~ by generationgbooks on October 8, 2012.

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