Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich(5 out of 5)

It’s no secret that I love Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Many do, that’s why it always hits the bestseller lists, regardless of whether or not the book was stellar or lacking. This volume, I am happy to report, is much better than the last two, in my opinion, at least.

Stephanie, as usual, gets herself into some steep crap pretty quick.  Geoffrey Chubbin, a local doctor who’s facing trial and accusations of embezzlement from a local senior assisted living facility, vanishes after a routine operation at the local hospital. Stephanie gets to find him, and of course that’s where it gets ugly. There’s a trail of missing people, hot nurses with coke habits, a pissed off wife who wants her share of whatever money he supposedly has, and no idea what’s going on. Grandma Mazur, Stephanie’s kooky grandma who always wants in on the action, infiltrates the home and tries to get the dirt. To add to this, Ranger calls Stephanie and offers to pay her to be his bodyguard(date) at some important function. Turns out that one of Ranger’s former ex-Special Ops team is leaving threatening messages for him and a mutual member of the team, who happens to also be getting married. Ranger, being the best man in the scenario, is afraid that the nutball is going to strike at the wedding, so he enlists Stephanie to be his date(bridesmaid, etc.) for that also. The fact that Ranger, Mr. Cool-Unruffled-Feathers) appears to be scared, is, in itself, a giveaway  that this is not your normal(not only that, but the taffeta overload is a hysterical scene). Of course, Morelli, Stephanie’s boyfriend, isn’t pleased at this turn of events. By accident, he ends up on the Chubbin case when another one of his witnesses ends up missing. What happens? Will they find Chubbin? Will they figure out where all the missing people went, and how the hospital figures into this? Will Ranger be alright, or will the hunter get his prey? Is Morelli softening in his age- worse yet, is Stephanie? Will Grandma Mazur crack the case? Will Lulu ever stay on a diet? So many questions, and the only answers will come if you read this. And if you are a devotee- you should read this!

~ by generationgbooks on November 25, 2012.

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