Small Business Saturday Redux- and Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day(December 1,2012)

Small Business Saturday- How did it go? We did well. The only problem? In my entire shift only two people referenced it to me while I was ringing them up or talking to them on the sales floor. TWO. The percentile of people who knew/mentioned vs those who purchased- well, it was a small, sobering percentage. Last year, it was EVERYWHERE. This year, it was mentioned on some social media outlets- but not anywhere near last year. Everyone was harping about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday- yes, let’s go support big box stores! No, not my speed, man. I’m still shocked that some places actually sacrificed family time and time-honored traditions to OPEN ON THANKSGIVING. I know people are struggling, and time and a half really does it for those who need the money, but where do we draw a line? Cyber Monday? Don’t get me started. We did better Black Friday than Small Business Saturday. I don’t care as long as people are coming out and buying stuff from us, but personally, well, it makes me seethe a little. I’ll get over it. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll still be complaining about it a year from now. My poor co-workers. My poor blog followers.

The next- new- at least, I believe- date to get people out and into the bookstores is this coming Saturday, December 1,2012. It’s Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day. I do hope, that said, that the children are browsing our selection, taking in the aviance, enjoying storytime with Felicia, and buying books- but I have a feeling that it may end up being “Take Your Child to a Bookstore and leave them there while I go shopping Day.” That’s an everyday occurrence, and pretty common in any big bookstore that has toys, bright colors, or designated areas for children to go nuclear with, say, a train set. I really hope that the word of this gets out and we get annihilated with children. In a good way, not in a thermonuclear sort of way.

I guess my point is- a child’s love of books and reading has to begin somewhere. My parents were not big readers(Dad reads car manuals, history, and newspapers. Mom read tabloids), but they were firm believers in taking us to the local bookstore(Waldenbooks, Crown Books, Kroch’s & Brentanos, etc) and letting us buy stuff. We didn’t have a local library where I grew up, so I’ve been wired to buy books from bookstores from the moment I popped out of the womb. Bookstores- in general- are hard to find and harder to keep open with those idiots at Amazon monopolizing the market to such an extent that we’re all fighting hard to stay here. Even if people take their kids to a bookstore and let them destroy train sets, at least they’re in a bookstore. In some, that’s enough of a spark to start a fire that keeps spreading(ie avid readers, future booksellers, authors, etc.). It has to start somewhere, why not have it start on a day like this, in your local bookstore? Do it for your children and the future generations.

Questions or wanting to know if your local bookstore is celebrating? Here’s the website for more information:

~ by generationgbooks on November 26, 2012.

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