One On One by John Feinstein(4 out of 5)

It’s no mystery that I love sports. It’s also no mystery that I read anything and everything. I had not read anything by John Feinstein prior to this book. I’m glad I began here, because it immediately makes me want to back-track and read his other books. I’m no big golf fan, but I really am intrigued with the idea of the game, the ethics, and the personalities peppering the sport(not Tiger. As great a player as he is(I admit that), he can suck it. I think he’s an egotistical douchebag).  This was a great warm-up to Mr. Feinstein’s work.

This book, out in hardcover in time for last holiday season, sold the crap out of everything else in our store last year(non-fiction area). I don’t know sometimes why it takes so damn long to get around to these books. Likely having people yelling at you because they waited until the last minute and your warehouse is sold out of it and they won’t have it until AFTER the holiday, might have had something to do with my reluctance to read it last year. Having finally received it in paperback last week, I had to. It took a couple of nights, but I finally finished it earlier today.

Feinstein has a long career and is now author of many books in the sports arena. Probably the fact that the book started out with an anecdote about Bob Knight, my all-time favorite college basketball coach(face it, temper temper he may have, but he’s a genius on the sidelines of the basketball court). It continued on with favorites of mine from childhood- tennis greats like Jimmy McEnroe, and not so well-known as Ivan Lendl and Gabriela Sabatini. You get some Tiger, some Coach K(another legend in my book), Jack Nicklaus, and some Bobby Valentine too.

The only thing that I think was kind of disappointing was I expected more insights into the sports world nowadays. Someone mentioned that he doesn’t address drug problems, drug testing- etc- I would seriously have loved him to dip into the Lance Armstrong scandal a little bit. The man hits just about every other sport, why not biking? Also, it seemed to me like there were chapters where he went into great detail, but toward the end of the book, it tapered off a bit. It’s a consistent and enjoyable book throughout, but it was missing something. That was the only thing keeping it from 5 stars. I definitely have to read up his back catalog of books. Overall, it was a great read.

~ by generationgbooks on December 13, 2012.

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