Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey(4 out of 5)

Oh, Serge A. Storms is back. As is Coleman, my favorite sidekick. Lenny just wasn’t as funny. If you have no idea what I’m talking about- shame, shame, shame on you.  This is the 12th(13th? I honestly have lost track) book in the series. My former co-worker and friend Luke got me started on this series a long, long time ago. I have never looked back. People have compared Tim Dorsey to Carl Hiaasen, but I didn’t think Hiaasen was that much fun. I read Randy Wayne White(who gets a guest appearance at a bar in this book), and he’s fun, but Dorsey smokes them all with getting down the insanity that is Florida. I choose to believe that the Florida he’s been painting for over the last decade , is the real Kahuna. And if you don’t like that proclamation, well, don’t read it. But you’ll be incredibly sorry if you don’t!

Serge is a psychopathic homicidal history nut. Coleman is-and has been for a number of the novels- his trusty dim-witted narcotic abusing accomplice. As usual, the boys are rolling around Florida in an electric blue 68′ Barracuda. This time Serge has decided his website tracking Florida’s history, needs a makeover. Since Serge and Coleman are yet again on the run, Serge decides the makeover will be “The Florida Fugitive Tour”, which is a blog devoting time to great hiding places for fugitives on the lam to consult, and tips for eluding authorities, amongst other gems. Serge is also, while running from the law, on the trail of the weasel lawyer who screwed his grandfather, and the others who were in the mob with his grandfather Sergio, out of their life savings. So that adds an element of mayhem- the fact that Serge is on a mission to recover stolen life savings(which were obtained from mob dealings in the first place. Oh how I love irony for the sake of comedy).

Inspired by running from that kooky film noir freak Mahoney and a band of FBI agents(Lowe is back, and we’re introduced to White, a straight arrow who’s vanilla persona is only amplified by the insane asylum of agents surrounding him).  We get a character called the Doberman, who is no doubt, based upon Dog The Bounty Hunter. Serge’s crazy ex Molly? She’s back. With a kid who looks and acts a lot like Serge. Serge is a dad? Serge is a dad? Oh wait. This had to be the best part of this book for me.  Molly leaves Serge with his son Mikey, as a “lesson” for deserting her years back. THIS is highly entertaining- if you have read the series, imagine Serge and Coleman, loose on a playground, with a five year old kid. Yep, and it gets better from there.  Serge has a kid. I hope Mikey makes an appearance in the next two books. I was laughing til I was almost crying.

Overall, once you get past those highlights, the resolution is kind of quiet and not the usual rabble-rousing carousel of mayhem and murder that the atypical Dorsey fan would dig. So- it wasn’t the best novel in the series, but for his son and the idea of the Fugitive Tour website alone, I give it 4 out of 5.

~ by generationgbooks on December 29, 2012.

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