Fang Girl by Helen Keeble(5 out of 5)

Now this- was an entertaining little read.

Xanthe Jane(Jane, as she prefers to be called) wakes up in a coffin. She finds out that she’s now one of the undead she used to worship and read about obsessively. Her younger brother Zach believes she’s wrong and she’s a zombie(that’s just one of many hysterical exchanges in this book.). Her professor mother starts reading up treatises on vampirism, and her dad and mom concoct ways to find fresh blood for her(the parade of house pets that they purchase for her, is just hilarious).  It’s not just that cut and dry, of course. Seems Xanthe has her sire, a creepy long-dead named Lillith(appropriately enough) who has it out for her and wants to kill her. Except- obviously- she’s unkillable. There’s a cute vampire slayer named Van Helsing(no joke) who may or may not be on Jane’s side. There’s also the tortured vampire soul Ebon, who’s falling in love with Jane(although something’s not quite kosher there, but you’ll see!), and the pet goldfish, who..although he’s a goldfish!- ends up being a integral part of this story. A goldfish. Digest that. The thought, not the goldfish.

This book was flipping hysterical. It pokes holes in all the “serious” vampire fiction- Twilight, Vampire Academy, even some of Buffy The Vampire Slayer elements here. It does it in a hilarious way. If you thought of any of the above in a serious literary fashion, this book is NOT for you. If you thought the above are just not your ‘cup of tea’ or ‘blood and wafers”, then you’ll LOVE it. I highly recommend this if you want a light and funny young adult read.

~ by generationgbooks on January 5, 2013.

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