Jujitsu Rabbi and The Godless Blonde by Rebecca Dana(5 out of 5)

This was one fantastic coming-to-terms-with-oneself’s(?)-identity while overcoming heartbreak story. I hadn’t read one of those in a long, long while. 

Rebecca is working in the fashion industry and has a great apartment with her long-term boyfriend Chad. One night he confesses that he cheated on her. Not just the time he confessed to- but while she was slaving away and working long hours and crazy days, he was basically schtupping everything that walked. Needless to say, that’s the end of Rebecca’s fairytale. Upon dissolution of the relationship, she re-examines her life and everything in it. She also, for the first time, really falls apart. Where does she go? To that bastion of salvation- Craigslist. She hunts for a place to live, and finally finds the most unlikely candidate to room with- a Cosmo, a Russian rabbi practicing jujitsu on the side while waiting for his papers to become a legal rabbi. Rebecca is completely against the idea of living with him, but her therapist encourages her to do so and shake things up. She does…and what follows is a great tale of an unlikely pair forging a strong and odd friendship. Through it all, they have silent support of the other through tough times. 

This book was inspiring, heartwarming, sarcastic, and funny. Talk about the Odd Couple- this is it, in literary form. It’s a quick read but it’s absolutely riveting, the clash of the two radically different personalities and lifestyles, and the two people who build a real friendship despite all of those differences. I heartily recommend this wonderful book.

~ by generationgbooks on February 4, 2013.

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