Gluten Is My Bitch by April Peveteaux(4 out of 5)

ImageOh boy, did I need ot read a book like this. I wasn’t aware that April Peveteaux had a blog. Felicia pulled this for me at work, based on my recent discovery that I can no longer have gluten. Me, the original bread thief. I’m the one caressing the buns in the bread basket and ignoring a plethora of yummy food otherwise. No more, my friends, sadly no more. I thought this was the end of the world. Many people go through this. April is one of them. Now so am I. Happily, there are many great blogs out there on celiac disease and re-adjusting your life around the gluten-less globe. Well, it’s a total lifestyle change, not just eating habits. Anyone tells you otherwise, they’re bullshitting. It is not easy, it is not fun, and the pain and unfortunate physical side-effects if you don’t pay attention- well, it isn’t pretty. Here is the genius of this book- there is no sugarcoating anything.

April discovers that she has celiac disease after getting horribly sick eating pasta- something that she did every day, until the discovery. She has to throw out food, begin to research products that are and aren’t loaded with gluten(vitamins anyone? Yes, even vitamins!). She debunks some popular Internet myths(chapstick being unsafe because of gluten- which I had believed, thanks to some Google crackpot, is false. No gluten) and delivers the cold, hard facts.

The cold hard facts are this- you cannot let gluten back into your life, no matter how small of an occurrence may occur, for you are basically poisoning yourself. There will be nothing left of your small intestines if you don’t quit screwing around and do it. April’s the coolest cheerleader in the bleachers throughout the whole book. She tells you what restaurants are safe, which ones aren’t worth going to, and better yet- not only does she give medical advice and updates, but she gives pep talks and recipes! Yes, April is also a cook and has some pretty tasty dishes in here(desserts, usually considered forbidden land for the gluten-less posse). 

The book is written in a way that you would picture a friend of yours- a gluten buddy, if you will(and that’s another great thing, she also categorizes friends and family into groups based on how they handle YOUR gluten diagnosis. What a great idea. I could name at least one person in every category. Wait, is that good or bad???) telling you straight-up how it is. And something this serious, needs to have a strong messenger delivering the news. Here she is. The only absolute complaint I had with this book is the length- it’s too short! I hope she keeps writing the blog, of which I’m now a follower. I hope she also gets a chance to write another book- maybe the next one is all recipes. 

~ by generationgbooks on May 4, 2013.

4 Responses to “Gluten Is My Bitch by April Peveteaux(4 out of 5)”

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  2. I’m such a fan of April’s blog! Glad you loved the book. Can’t wait to get my copy.

    • Hey Dana,

      Thank you for reading the review and comment. More people need to read books like April’s! I wasn’t even aware of the blog until after I picked up the book and read it. Never too much information about celiac!

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