Mr. Monk Gets Even By Lee Goldberg(4 out of 5)

Again, this is a series that accompanied the show while it was still on the air. And it continues on now that it’s not on the air. I loved Monk, it was one of my few shows that I watched back in the day(sadly, at that time, I was hooked on reality shows. I believe it was to escape my crappy ass reality at the time, but it’ll be in the book!). Lee Goldberg wrote for Monk and writes for several other shows still running. I’ve had people ask me if the book has any bearing on the show while it was on, and no, it didn’t. It was just as if Monk had cases that didn’t get televised. The books- now that the series is over- continue on as it did from the series finale. So now that any misconceptions have been cleared up….

Two stories going concurrently- Monk’s archnemesis Dale the Whale is picked to have extreme amounts of liposuction done so he can be blended back into general population and save the struggling California prison system some money. Of course, Dale and his accomplice(who isn’t around for long, she blows herself and her house up rather than reveal where dale is at) manage to pull off a huge accident scene and Dale escapes. That’s mentioned a lot in the beginning of the book, but it takes a back seat(which I don’t get, as this jackass has haunted Monk throughout the show and in the books) to the murders of three people associated with Cleve Dobbs, the president of Peach, an upscale furniture store(seems like IKEA). Cleve himself, along with his narcissistic bitch of a wife Jenna, is a suspect. Of course, Monk thinks he did it- Monk, however, is wrong, when Cleve himself ends up stabbed to death. Natalie, his former assistant who is now a cop in New Jersey, flies home to see her daughter(who’s now Monk’s assistant) and ends up helping him solve that case. She just might end up staying, too, as her daughter is freaked out by the job and quits. Do they find Dale the Whale? Does Natalie quit her new job and go back to being Monk’s assistant? Do Ambrose and Yuki get married? Does Stottlemeyer get his job back? Many, many questions waiting to be answered here.

Complaints with this book- 1. I pretty much knew who killed Cleve and the other three men. That doesn’t happen often with Goldberg’s Monk series, so I was disappointed that I was right. 2. Natalie’s daughter Julie is nowhere near as cool of an assistant with Monk as her mom is. Frankly, she bored the hell out of me. 3. More Disher and Sharona needed to be seen here. 4. More Ambrose and Yuki-after all, they are planning a wedding. I’m surprised that this didn’t create more of a disturbing distraction for Monk. 5. More Ellen- she’s a great love interest for Monk. 6. More of a resolution about Dale the Whale- I am still surprised that there wasn’t more on him and his escape and history with Monk. It’s kind of glossed over. Otherwise, same great series. Still love Monk, Natalie, Stottlemeyer, and the cases. Also love the ending. 


~ by generationgbooks on May 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “Mr. Monk Gets Even By Lee Goldberg(4 out of 5)”

  1. Thanks for the review! One small error. You wrote “I’ve had people ask me if the book has any bearing on the show while it was on, and no, it didn’t.” Actually, that’s not the case. My book MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE was adapted (by yours truly) into the episode MR. MONK CAN’T SEE A THING and elements of my book MR. MONK AND THE BLUE FLU were used in the episode MR. MONK AND THE BADGE.

    • Hi Lee!
      Thank you for doing me the honor of commenting on my review.
      Thank you for correcting me. It’s been awhile since I went back and re-watched my Monk DVD’s. I think I will do that and reacquaint myself with the episodes and books you have mentioned here, that were, indeed, influential to the show. I really didn’t make the connection as it’s been awhile. It doesn’t take away from how much I love it! 🙂

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