Making Rumours by Ken Caillat(2 out of 5)

ImageSadly, I was very underwhelmed by this book. 
I did enjoy the observations of the Mac and its very intriguing parts, however, I did not need to know so much about Scooter, Ken’s dog. or all of the women that Ken pursued at the time. The book is about the making of one of the most classic albums in our echelon–and instead, at times, it reads like a cross between the National Enquirer and Beagles Weekly. 
I was really also a little puzzled by why Colbie Caillat did a foreword until I realized Ken was her dad. Then I re-read the foreword in which she discusses how the Mac made her happy childhood light, airy, and sunshiney goodness. She must have skipped the parts where the emotional baggage, drama, boozing, loud fights, and rampant drug use were occurring- not to mention her dad’s role in those escapades.(Ken is not a saint, for the record. No one in this book is, except, well, the beagle). 
I really, really did enjoy the technical parts of this book- how the old school recording studios were built a certain way for their sound quality, how the reverb affect really did a number on many old recordings(there was a lot of back story about the Eagles Hotel California record that I found fascinating), how the old school tape system worked, etc. That was pretty great. 
The book felt more like a fan’s outsider view of the making of the classic disc than a seasoned pro like Ken Caillat is. His record of recordings he’s been involved with throughout the years is nothing short of impressive- unfortunately I cannot say the same about the book he’s written.

~ by generationgbooks on May 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Making Rumours by Ken Caillat(2 out of 5)”

  1. we got this book when it came out and I was all excited. Mike read it and had the same reaction you did…so I never read it. Bummer.

    • Mike was right. I was sick in bed reading this and it didn’t help me feel better. The MTV VJ book did that. See other reviews- The Bill Clegg book is right up your alley. I think you’d enjoy the VJ one also.

  2. Personally, I think Beagles Monthly is more than enough beagle info. Also, you should check out “Meet the Beagles” by ‘Mean’ Gene Sassafrass. It’s very informative.

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