The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg(5 out of 5)

ImageWow, two of my favorite authors teaming up to write a great summer read. I mean, seriously, you could read it beyond summer and love it, but something about it cries out to me to be a funny, lighthearted, beach read. And again, I shy away from terming books “beach reads”, “chick lit”, etc, but this feels like the best kind of book to sit your ass on the beach in the sand and tear through it while working on your tan. Janet Evanovich pens the Stephanie Plum series- which I have enthusiastically read for many, many years. Lee Goldberg penned not only Monk, among other TV series, but also the Monk mystery novels, which I read religiously. Together? An unbeatable team. I hope they will be writing more together. 

Kate O’Hare is a tough-as-nails FBI Agent with a reputation for getting the bad guys behind bars- except for one elusive Nick Fox. Who is Nick Fox? Besides charismatic and cocky off the charts, he’s also a natural at the con game and getting away with it. Nick’s fascinated by Kate’s dogged determination in pursuing and capturing him, and makes sure to always leave some sort of calling card so she knows that he was there- Toblerone bars, etc. This only intensifies her desire to catch him. That desire to nail him(literally as well as figuratively?) reaches an all-time high when she finds out that he somehow convinced the FBI to let him take on a case, alongside Kate. Hilarious? Oh yes. Believable? Yes. Great chemistry between the two? Of course. Jet-setting to various locations around the world? Yes. Great supporting cast? Yes(special honorable mention to Kate’s dad. I really could see a book about him. I could also see James Brolin playing him; not sure why he popped in my head). More novels with this duo? I hope so!

You want a great read that will make you laugh and give you something to take your mind off of crazy, hectic life? This is it. Laughter is the best medicine; practice that by reading this! 


~ by generationgbooks on June 22, 2013.

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