Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett (5 out of 5)

Well, I cannot get the stupid image to drag to the file…so as soon as I return home, that will be fixed. I have read Jincy Willett before- I read The Winner of The National Book Award, which is in my top 25 funniest books of all time. Amy Falls Down is equally funny and doesn’t let down. It has not been a fun last couple of days, my dad has not been feeling well, and as usual, once that happens, well, it all goes to the shitter. That includes my reading. However, the best thing I can do is to read a funny book to help take my mind off of my worry. This was the perfect antidote.  

Disclaimer: Apparently this title is a prequel to The Writing Class. I did not know this, and I have not read that book, so now I must. If I enjoyed this book this much, I’ll likely love that book as well. Amy is a hoot and then some. Parts of me believe the Jincy and Amy may very well, if not be the same person, then they share a hell of a lot of similarities. I’d love to meet her, I bet we’d have a blast.

Amy Gallup is not having a great time of things. She’s a writer who’s been reclusive and silent in the public eye for years. She falls and hits her head on a birdbath in front of her house. That’s where the fun begins. Shortly after this, she gives an interview to a young journalist. The interview makes her look like Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman a few years back. The public, once aloof, is enraptured with her oddity and interest in her career and personality is revived. She begins appearing all over the place in the media, begins writing again, and is swept along with the media circus she didn’t want in the first place.  You also get a glimpse into her previous life with Max, her deceased husband (name only, he died from AIDS) whose shadow continues to inspire Amy in her darkest moments. Her basset hound Alphonse is a little devil that I would have no trouble stealing from her. Amy’s blog is titled “Go Away”, so clearly, in a time when she wishes to be left alone, her accident and the comedic circumstances that arise from it, bring them on, instead of keeping them away. Hilarious and satirical the whole way through. I laughed my butt off. I really, really did love this book, and I can’t wait to sell it to customers. I haven’t been this amused by a book since Where’d You Go Bernadette. 

What didn’t I like? That it had to end. 

~ by generationgbooks on July 30, 2013.

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