Multiple Exposure: A Sophie Medina Mystery by Ellen Crosby (2 out of 5)



I really wanted to like this book more. I have read all of Ellen Crosby’s Virginia Wine Country series- I love them all. I was surprised that she started a new series, but I was excited. I wish I could have continued that level of excitement throughout reading the book. 

Sophie Medina returns home from a trip abroad and walks into her front door to find her house awash in blood and her husband Nick missing. Exhaustive searches turn up nothing; as months tick onward, he’s presumed dead. Sophie refuses to believe it, but strange things begin to happen and questions start to arise that seem to implicate Nick in some suspect behaviors. Since Nick is an undercover operative who seems to piggyback between agencies and the globe, it’s entirely possible he was up to no good, or that those who were being trailed have gotten their revenge on him. It’s not quite clear for a good while, but because every chapter seems to introduce another character or ten onto the canvas, before long, it’s a crowded party on the patio. One thing that didn’t help me getting into this was the sheer number of antagonists who continue to grace the pages throughout the novel. You should be propelled into action and suspense; however, it’s another cat and mouse game of “Whodunit?”. I realize being a mystery, that’s how it’s supposed to do, but it felt to me like the plot suffered from the number of probable bad dudes and dudettes. 

Sophie gets some distraction from the neverending questions about Nick’s character when she gets hired to shoot a display of Faberge eggs at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Until there’s a murder. Sophie then realizes she’s under surveillance from the government agencies as well as those who are seeking Nick. It’s a tangled web they weave here. There’s a lot of revolving chaos to get through to see the resolution of the story. 

The character of Sophie is great. A strong female who believes in what she believes, yet doesn’t let her emotions crowd her judgment, and speaks her mind- I hope the next book in the series continues to see her character grow. I can’t say much about any of the other characters because I really did not connect with them on any discernible level. Sophie is great. After a short fashion, I realized I really didn’t give a crap what happens to her husband, or what brought them to that point. I realized at that point that I must have gotten so disconnected from caring about the plot that nothing can save it. Which sucks, because I enjoy Ellen’s books. There’s just something missing here for me. 


~ by generationgbooks on August 24, 2013.

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