Deadly Heat by Richard Castle (5 out of 5)



You knew damn well I was going to do that (I wish. Oh wait, you can’t lust after a fictional character. Oh wait, yes you can.). I mean putting any image of the book with Nathan Fillion holding it (everything suddenly takes on a more perverse manner in this blog. Forgive me, followers). 

Deadly Heat is the 5th book in the Nikki Heat series. If you aren’t aware, the author, Richard Castle, is an author on the ABC television network show Castle. He’s also entirely fictitious, so you have to wonder who is authoring these books that tie in with the show. (My guess is Andrew Marlowe, series writer and producer). Richard Castle, the character, follows around Kate Beckett, a tough-as-nails detective in New York City’s 12th Precinct, as an inspiration for a new series he’s authoring. We’re in Season 6 of Castle, and the series books are about a year behind the show. However, they mirror the show closely, as Castle is supposedly writing about Beckett and her cronies at the 12th. You find many parallels, but the books shine on their own. It’s nice to have a little something something to tide you over when you’re as into the show as you are. (raises hand). Some of the books have been stellar, but last year’s book left me feeling high and dry without any relief in sight. I am happy to say this book turned that around and then some.

The book opens with our heroine Nikki Heat pursuing the former CIA head who ordered her mom’s execution all those years ago. As usual, her romantic squeeze and Pulitzer Price winning journalist Jameson Rook is by her side trying to help her out with whatever he can. In this case, in the midst of trying to track down the former head to avenge her mother’s death, the 12th is haunted by a serial killer who is going around murdering public figures in NYC, and he leaves his calling card in the form of different colors of yarn on his victims(special mention to the pizza oven part, because that mirrored the show). Shit gets real quick when he decides Nikki is his next victim. This book, you honestly have no idea what is coming, especially the identity of the serial killer. The end dominoes in Nikki’s mother’s murder begin to align up as well. Things appear to be coming up roses, as long as Heat and Rook can stay alive and catch the killers. 

This book far whupped the other ones I have read. I really did enjoy the other installments, with the exception of that last one, but I wasn’t terribly surprised because that last season (#4) was full of angst, longing, and unresolved everything, so naturally the book corresponding to that season(#5), would be not as much fun as it was a ball of gross ear wax. This book far outweighs it. There’s a sense of fun back in this book, although it is muted by the multiple deaths occurring around Heat, Rook, and the precinct. There’s more of a sense of closure here, not just in Heat’s mother’s case, but in busting and bringing down the serial killer. There is more interaction between Heat and the other detectives in the precinct, which i enjoyed. The last couple it was more of a solitary agenda with Rook helping, but not so much on the side of the precinct’s detectives. This felt more like a team book, and that’s the type of book I enjoy. (Just as much as I love just seeing Castle and Beckett; but the show wouldn’t be the same without Alexis, Martha, Ryan, Esposito, Gates, Parrish, and Perlmutter). It’s an ensemble cast that excels in that format, so it’s nice to see that dynamic back in the book. There isn’t as much romance, which I oddly enough, enjoyed. It’s obvious I’m a Caskett shipper to anyone who knows me, but I am real glad it took a little bit of a back burner in this book and concentrated on the plot itself a little more. As Heat and Rook are in an established relationship, there isn’t that burning need for multiple consummation scenes as there were in previous books. It was, however, a testament to the storyline that despite their commitment to one another, Heat still gets pissed and jealous when Rook hangs out with his ex (in the name of information to help the case).  I was also amused to no end that the hot shot duo named Malcolm & Reynolds who are huge helps to the case… cute inside Firefly reference there… also equally fun as when Rook is meeting with Castle Entertainment(!) about making a movie out of the Nikki Heat series. When Heat calls Rook to see where he is, she interrupts a meeting in which the network exec is heard saying “Nathan would be great to play that character”.  I love creative license when its used in this context. There are glib references all over the book, which I loved. Made it even more fun to read than it already was.

Overall, not a lot I can find wrong with this book. Except that it had to end. Definitely my favorite of the series so far. 

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