The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn (5 out of 5)



I requested and received a galley of this from Simon & Schuster. It’s not out until April, 2014, so don’t go scrounging around like rabid elves high on the marshmallow fluff trying to find it at your local INDIE bookseller. You will, however, want to do so next April. It is worth it.I was looking for a highly unusual book that I could read while reading the bat-shit crazy book I was reading at the same time. This was the perfect book to do that with. If I had to describe this book, I would say a cross between Drew Magary and Quentin Tarantino. I haven’t had an offbeat novel in a while that made me laugh so hard. To say I loved it is an understatement. 

An intern is, well, just an intern. Unless you’re John Lago. He’s 25 and the top of the heap at the assassination game in New York City. He works for HR, Inc, a top notch “job placement agency” (sort of a loftier temp agency) which is a cover for a network of assassins that take out high-profile executives. He’s also “playing” as an intern at a Manhattan law firm, doing all of the dirty work that interns at law firms do in their everyday lives. Except John isn’t there to make nice or climb the career ladder. He’s there to whack the law firm’s heavily protected partner, and in infiltrating under the guise of a clueless intern, it should be a piece of cake. Of course, not all plans go according to plan.

John’s gift to his new “interns” at HR, Inc- a survival guide called “The Intern’s Handbook”. Highlights of this “book” include making a killer (no pun intended) cup of coffee to get in good graces with the eventual kill so they don’t see it coming (when this is executed in the book, well, you start to see the points he’s making with the book). Other highlights: Accomplishing deeds of a nefarious nature sober, when in reality you’d have to have the gonads to do them drunk. You learn the importance of being one with your inner warrior(sensei, hitman, whatever definition rolls off your tongue the best). So many little bon mots of wisdom, backed up with results that John has no problem detailing for his captive audience. Personally, I don’t think you could improve on this any. It is absolutely hysterical and stealth in its intentions toward the newest recruits to the game that John is trying to extract himself from. However, no one counted on Alice.

Alice is the wild card. She’s a tough talking, straight shooting (literally) FBI agent who’s assigned to haul in the same law firm partner that John is trying to kill (his last assignment is always the hardest, no joke!). Alice cannot be described in words. She is, in many ways, John’s equal in terms of intelligence, charm, toughness, and wit. There is no bullshit detector on either one. The fact that he finds her smoking hot and is wildly attracted to her, only complicates matters further. Who wins the battle, the assassin or the FBI agent? Is John unmasked as the assassin he is no longer trying to be? Do John and Alice attempt to have fun, a relationship, or a Mexican standoff? SO many questions to be answered, and so many reasons, for you to pick up this book when it comes out in April, 2014. You won’t be disappointed! 


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