Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon (4 out of 5)


Jenny Feldon has a great life as a blogger/wife living the good life in New York City. Her husband Jay has a job that will someday send him over to India to launch startups for the company he works for. Jenny doesn’t worry, because, hey, really, what are the odds that will actually happen. And then the day comes, and Jay comes in and informs Jenny that, yes, they are moving to India to launch the startup, for the next two years. Jenny immediately puts a positive spin on things and decides that she will be living the glamorous expat life in India. Of course, the reality is the spoiler alert.

Jenny is miserable with a capital M in India. Jay spends more and more time at his job, and less and less with Jenny. Jenny quickly learns the hard way that life in India is a whole different matter (country) of living. The coffee addict discovers a country built on a love of chai. The Internet junkie finds out that there is often little or no reception to that Interwebs. The woman used to going and buying any sort of groceries can’t even find simple everyday items at the grocery. The air conditioning goes on and off  at certain periods throughout the day, making Jenny become unwelcome friends with humid weather. The electricity goes off when Jay leaves in the morning, and back on only when he returns. Jenny’s nice clothing gets a visual dressing down from the simply dressed Indian people. Things are not going well.

The zenith of the misery is that Jenny and Jay seem to be growing further and further apart. Jay, while not liking many things about the Indian way of life, manages to adapt and adopts a positive outlook toward the huge upheaval in just about everything pertaining to how they lived in America. Jenny isn’t a happy camper, and she’s very vocal about that fact. Nothing can make her happy. She doesn’t want to adopt any of the traditions that the Indian people believe in, from the puja room (which she wants her dog to sleep in; in India, it’s a sacred room in the home where you worship your idols. Literally), to not wanting to hire servants to help her keep the household (she feels that’s her job and doesn’t want to hire people to do her job). Pretty much the only thing keeping her there is Jay, and then, even that isn’t a factor anymore. The gap between them widens, Jenny’s depression, anger, and loathing of the one thing that she views is keeping her and Jay apart (India, not her obstinance and inability to accept change, even on a grand scale) gets worse, and when she can’t take it anymore, she departs. Jay returns home to the US for the holidays, and asks for a divorce. Jenny’s going to have to change, or she’s going to lose everything.

The resolution of the entire situation, as well as Jenny and Jay’s attitudes toward each other and India in the progress, don’t make the book ring false at all. There are many laugh out loud moments. There are also many “Smack your head” moments, but overall, a light, funny, touching story. You won’t be able to put it down, and I can only hope that Jenny’s next book is as good as this one is. If you have a lot of shit going on and can’t concenrate on things, this is the book for you to pick up.

~ by generationgbooks on December 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon (4 out of 5)”

  1. Definitely going on my TBR list!!

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