Shooting Stars by Jennifer Buhl (4 out of 5)

I admit it. I love tabloids. I love celebrity gossip. I laugh ridiculously when I see curvy Kardashians stretching out their younger, thinner sister’s bikini in an attempt to make themselves feel more important (great photo op, I suppose, but I’m not vapid and don’t think like that). Anyway, this book is full of fun. Unlike the Kardashians- they’re just full of fool.

Jennifer Buhl is bored and seeking a new path. She decides to try to ‘break into’ the business of paparazzi-(paparazza is the correct singular term for one person doing this. Paparazzi is plural). She gets in, learns the ropes, and finds herself enjoying her new career very much. Of course, there are drawbacks, and among those we can count Brian Austin Green, Courtney Cox (I KNEW IT. Not only the face of a scarecrow, but the soul of one also), and Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff? REALLY?). There are also rewards, and you can count Ms. Paris Hilton among them. Of all of the celebs that Buhl profiles, that one surprised me the most. Like most of the majority, I believe Paris has the intelligence and depth of a rice cake, so Buhl’s insider information made me respect her a little bit more. Because although she manipulates the press for photo ops and “fame”, she has respect for what they’re doing, and she not only gives them tip-offs of when and where she will be so they can photograph, but she speaks to them respectfully. There’s not a lot of that in Hollywood, so I give her a smidgen of credit at least. You get to see the Britney Spears breakdown, because she’s in the middle of being manipulated by her former manager at the time that Buhl begins her training, so you get an insider view of that. I found the book fascinating, and parts of it surprised me, but a lot of it, didn’t, and that’s because you expect Hollywood personas to be this way.

Buhl comes across as curious, determined, and yes, a little scared of whether she can hack it. There are fascinating tips in there, a lot of information on camera shots, car chases, techniques in how to get the celebrity to pose for you, things that most of us common people (meaning those of us who have regular jobs and don’t work in the celeb circle.) Her book is incredibly easy to pick up and set down, and then to come back later and finish. At the end of a long week, this is precisely the sort of book I need to be able to relax and let the reins go on the mental horse. She writes in an engaging fashion, and very real. I really enjoyed this book.


~ by generationgbooks on March 14, 2014.

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