The Weirdness by Jeremy Bushnell (5 out of 5)



Thank you, Jeremy Bushnell, for giving me a book that took my mind out of the dark place it had been in the past week. Thank you to Dustin at MPH for sending me an advance reading copy of this so I could read and review it. This book is such a fast read, so beyond anything I have ever read in my years, that I cannot wait to recommend it to everyone. Although I’m likely to be made fun of for picking the book- likely the cover will offend someone’s delicate sensibilities or someone will think I am trumpeting cat-dancing. Definitely not the case. I am trumpeting the book because it’s hilarious and awesome. 

Billy Ridgeway is a struggling writer who can’t get noticed for anything, until he wakes up one morning to find a stranger who makes you a kick-ass cup of coffee. Billy doesn’t know quite what to do, except appreciate the coffee and question the stranger. The stranger, of course, turns out to be Satan. In exchange for Billy infiltrating the “freaky ass black tower” in the middle of Manhattan that everyone but Billy is locked out of and retrieving Neko, the Lucky Cat, Satan will grant Billy his fondest wish- a bestseller. Throw in some unlikely friends and the inevitable love interest, and you have one hell of a mix here. Will Billy get into the tower? Will he end up signing over his soul to Satan? Will he get Denver to give him another chance? What happens if he does what Satan wants? Will he get his bestseller, or lose his soul and that coveted spot on the bestseller list? Will we ever figure out what happened to Jorgen, Billy’s missing roommate? Will you ever stop laughing enough to figure it out before the end?

I had no freaking idea how this was going to end. I had no idea what was coming the entire way through the book. I laughed my ass off. I questioned whether I could summon Satan out of my tissue box to make me a better cup of fair trade coffee than the crap I usually drink. I yelled at Billy for some parts of the books, and verbally encouraged him through other parts. I verbally encouraged a fictional character. That’s how much I was in tune with this book. I cannot wait to sell the crap out of this. What an original, entertaining read this book turned out to be. I hope Bushnell follows this up quickly, and as hilariously. 




~ by generationgbooks on March 17, 2014.

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