Dear Luke, We Need To Talk, Darth by John Moe (2 out of 5)

I thought this was the coolest book I have seen this year, when I spotted it on the forum at Blogging For I love pop culture phenomenon books, usually in the vein of Chuck Klosterman’s magnificent Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs. My hopes for this title to be in the same category were quickly diminished. Now, before you get offended or turn Royalist on my keister, realize that I enjoyed this book. Thursday was a tough day, and this book made me chuckle. Merely chuckling is not roller disco to the Pointer Sisters, however.
I did enjoy a lot of the pop culture wrangling that John Moe engaged upon. Highlights that made me chuckle madly were Jay-Z’s 99 Problems (the gold plated helicopter not lifting up was a pretty great visual), the Fleetwood Mac recording of “Rumours” (Lindsay had to have time to plug in his curling iron? Hilarious visual right there. Guitar virtuoso/lyrical genius curling his hair and complaining that he didn’t have enough time? Nice!) and Bigfoot playing a role in almost ruining the recording session(that’s hilarious. I am surprised he didn’t include an epic battle between Lindsay and Bigfoot over the infamous curling iron!), the interview with the Pac-Man Ghosts was a nice nod to my Atari loving childhood, The NASA letter to Elton John telling him he can no longer have the “Rocket Man” title is pretty funny, and last but not least, my favorite, Optimus Prime’s “Transformers Who Can Go To Hell” list (it’s not called that, that’s what I called that little chapter). I also enjoyed Walter White’s ruminating on possible ways to make money that don’t involve cooking meth, and the dude who insists that the Batman theme song “needs more Batman!”. You can’t lose with these.
What didn’t I find super hilarious? The Super Bowl half-time performer lists were okay, middling with humor at best. The book likely lost me a bit because it started out with a letter to Jon Bon Jovi, someone whom I despise more than anchovies. The real estate person’s letter to the B-52’s about selling tips on unloading the “Love Shack” didn’t include any notes to duct tape Fred Schneider’s annoying yap shut, so that lost points. The side of the iceberg that sank the Titanic? Too soon (since that awful movie, that is). The shark from Jaws should have been funnier than it was written here. The Darth and Luke has been done to death, so that didn’t do anything for me. Even more annoying was the Gilligan Diaries. This is reviewed, remember, by someone who absolutely abhorred that stupid show growing up and being forced to watch by my Mom, who had some very weird liking for Bob Denver. Stupid is as stupid does, Gilligan. That’s why I didn’t find that whole segment funny.
I’d like to mention that I am a fond over-user of the F-bomb. In this format, with a book that is so small and quick moving, it seems as if this is the movie version of The Wolf of Wall Street, with the number of F-bombs Moe uses in the book. I understand that it’s part of the allure of the pop culture umbrella, but it was raining a little too much on that word throughout the book. It should have gotten a co-author nod. It got to be downright annoying by the end of the little book.
If you want a grab bag gift or a light-hearted gift for a friend who’s feeling down, this is a great gift. If you want to hunker down with your blues and want a thorough rendering of pop culture blips and bombs, this is not it. You would go to Klosterman for that in-depth feeling. Go to John Moe for light, quick fun. Of an inconsequential sort.
I received a copy of this book from Blogging For in return for a honest review.


~ by generationgbooks on August 9, 2014.

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