The Way Inn by Wil Wiles (2 out of 5)


Dan, this one Is right up your alley. This book isn’t out until Sept, 2014.

I love the cover. I also love the concept; it’s the execution of said concept that lost me. It is a fairly quick read once you get into it, because you want to find out where this unique concept is headed. However, it spoke in the same hushed whispers throughout the book, even when the resolution is supposed to be taking place. It is more than a little spooky in parts, and I enjoyed the hell out of that, but in the end, when I got to the end, well, I was a little bit trampled underfoot. I felt similar reading this book as when I read Mr. Penumbra last year. Which is precisely why I think Dan will love this book.

Nick Double is a “conference surrogate”, a man paid to go to conferences and collect information, materials, and the like- so that other people don’t have to attend the conferences. Nick isn’t a real likable sort, be warned. He’s a bit of a cynical, masochistic dude who doesn’t like anybody. Except the mysterious redhead who takes pictures and is somehow responsible for the pieces of art inside every Way Inn (Nick wouldn’t mind a shot at that, oh no, but she disappears before he can even attempt it). Oh, yeah, about that Way Inn place the title speaks of. They’re all over the world, and they’re all alike. Startlingly so. Your presence in this hotel is so important that the geographical location of the hotel no longer really matters. Everything takes a side show to the main circus attraction, and not all is as it seems at the Way Inn. Nick enjoys the Way Inns that he goes to, because the aura of it, on a whole, is about as real as he is. Confused by my description? I am also, as I am re-reading it. And that’s how I felt about a lot of the book. There’s so much going on, and yet, I felt there was nothing going on. The book is compared to H.P. Lovecraft, and I tried reading him many years ago at Crown, and it didn’t go so well. I think this sort of novel is beyond my cranial trespasses. Nick’s happy existence as an artificial human being begins to go south very quickly. And it gets dark. Quickly. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the darker parts of the novel, for I really did, but the plot itself and Nick’s “comedic” moments don’t last long and they overshadow those darker moments, namely because I honestly have no fucking clue what is going on.

I would say to leave this to those who enjoy futuristic, sci-fi, and fantasy with an asshole for a lead character. I just don’t have it in me.



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