Vault of Dreamers by Caragh O’ Brien (2 out of 5)


I told my coworker that’s been wanting to read this book since I got it last month that I would gladly give it to her when done. I also told her that I was 70 pages in and it was not at all rousing my interest. I did my typical and had to finish it. I did not, however, find it recovered enough to be more than a 2 star book. I wrestled with the 1 star rating, but didn’t end up doing it. It had such promise, but it just didn’t grab me, nor did it really deliver anything to the reader’s plate except more questions. I mean, really, what is it all about?????

Another young adult dystopian novel. Some are fantastic, some are middling, some are flat. This was…flat. The concept, as usually the case with dystopian novels, was interesting, but the execution of it, not so much. And yes, to those who read and liked the book, this is the start of a series. So if you read this one and think it sucks, don’t go further. If you do like it, well, time warp to you and there will be more.

The Forge School is the most prestigious arts college in the country. Every student enrolled at Forge has every waking moment of their lives taped and run live on “The Forge Show” . The students must sleep 12 hours a night to enhance and induce heightened creativity. (I guess more sleep means more heightened productivity and better ratings?). This magical sleep, as most would guess, is accomplished by taking a sleeping pill. Rosie Sinclair is a freshman who does the unthinkable crime of skipping the pill and observing more than she would by, well, sleeping due to the pill. Something is off… and she suspects evil going on behind the cameras mounted everywhere. Rosie’s subconscious is off, though, so her suspicions may be correct and this sleeping pill may be messing with her chemical balance, her thoughts, emotions, and worse yet, mind. Will rhyme and reason escape, thanks to her prolonged usage of the pill? How is she supposed to find out what’s going on, if she is off somehow? How will she go about finding out what the hell is really going on? She keeps at it, as a diligent investigator would, and what she finds out is quite something. There’s a little romance going on, despite the fuzziness in Rosie’s consciousness. That comes to an odd end, as do a number of things in this book. At the end of this whirly ride, I had no flipping idea what was going on. The ending is anticlimactic, at best, although this reader wasn’t moved..only even more puzzled. Even worse? Despite the fact that I was puzzled by a great many things in this book, I still managed to guess the ending. THAT is the worst. I give this 2 stars because I like the uniqueness of the concept for the series. I also like the cover and the pace at which the plot is revealed, but even at a good pace, if there are notable plot points, devices, and entire characters that don’t add up, then what is a good pace worth? I hope she can figure out a way to salvage it before the end of the series, but I won’t be picking the next installment up to find out.


~ by generationgbooks on October 8, 2014.

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