Attention! Attention! Next Week on GenerationG: Children’s Book Week



Disclaimer: If you are horrified by the book images above, you: 1. Don’t know the blogger who writes this very well. 2. Haven’t an acute sense of humor. 3. None of these books will be reviewed, so chill the heck out. Now onto this::::

OK, I realized today I have 8 reviews that I have written but haven’t posted. They are all children(year 8, year 5, year 0) and young adult (teen) titles. So, in the spirit of doing something different, I am doing children’s Book Week next week on the blog. It doesn’t mean anything real exciting, just that I won’t be posting my usual book a day in every other genre. I hope to do this bi-monthly starting in 2015. But next week, the blog belongs to the children’s book arena. I know my blogger friends are excited because 90% of the books they read are those that their kids are reading, so maybe I can help someone find a new book in my weird way.

I SO want to post the Lockwood & Co review because I love that book, but it will be my first post next Sunday. In the meantime, I will try to keep up with the hectic pace of holiday crapola and try to keep posting every day or every other day. I had hoped to do a gift guide this year, but it didn’t work out- something to aim for next holiday season here on the blog. I was also going to do one for my job, but I was afraid credit would not go to me, or it just wouldn’t gather interest, so I jettisoned it and didn’t mention it (until now. Oops!). So instead, I will keep on keeping on. I hope to see you all next week and I await your comments/suggestions/death threats. Onward, book warriors!


~ by generationgbooks on November 23, 2014.

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