Primus, Over The Electric Grapevine by Greg Prato (3 out of 5)


I’ve never been a huge Primus fan.
I think it’s my friend Rich’a fault for doing his own unique rendition of “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver” when we worked at Little Caesar’s together. (Rich has also given me a lifetime regret over Ween’s existence, among other alternative gems).

Not a bad little book, for one who isn’t a huge fan. I did enjoy it more than his history of grunge book, which left me strangely unsettled and gassy, as if I had consumed a ten foot tall basket of hard boiled eggs.
It was entertaining, as you imagine anything with Les Claypool involved. The only thing that stumped was that drummers continue disappearing, and not much of explanation as of why. And there is a lot of love and admiration toward Mr. Claypool, almost so much that it starts sounding somewhat repetitive. I was entertained and it was a good book, but again, it will not take over the top place of honor on my music bio read-list that belongs to Mr. Al Jourgensen. It was, however, a nice diversion from the holiday mayhem. I think Prato is too much of a fan-boy at times, and it shows in the writing. Again, however, still better than the History of Grunge book. I liked that well enough, but it seemed as if that was scrapped together of already published material and not so much new material. This book? There seems to be genuine love between Prato and his subject(s), as I said, almost too much, at times. If you like Primus a lot, you will probably really enjoy this.

~ by generationgbooks on December 14, 2014.

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