Doctor Who: The Blood Cell by James Goss (2 out of 5)


Well, part of my continuing education in the Whoverse is to get into the books/novelizations. So far I’ve enjoyed the other two I read. This one came at a price- namely, the several months it took me to get through. I should clarify. I read very fast. However, if it doesn’t grab me, my new way of handling things is to put a bookmark where I leave off, and put it back on the shelf, and hit the next book. I have way too many now and more coming out and being sent to review, for me to just stop and pick up and stop and trudge on through. I think not. My friend Dave had read this and warned me that it was the weakest of the lot. Not to mention two of my other friends who are Whovians and read the books and were also duly unimpressed. My one friend John said he almost wanted to use it to as toilet paper. I wouldn’t go that far, because in my opinion, Capaldi’s Doctor’s personality and quirks still shine through the book, as do Clara’s…so for that, I give it two stars. One for the Doctor, One for Clara. And..that’s pretty much all folks. I wasn’t real pulled in by Goss’ style of writing for the good Doctor. I wasn’t pulled in by the idea. And I LIKE asteroids….as a colony where the worst criminals are imprisoned? I thought it sounded like a righteous idea…then I started reading it. I had to keep getting used to the Doctor being 428-which is hard when it’s the DOB of one of your dim-witted exes…but it just didn’t move me. At all. The cover is pretty nice, at least color wise…and then, it ends.

So–the setting is the asteroid in the furthest reaches of the galaxy- where the worst of the worst criminals are at. The “warden”, or he in charge of this juke joint, is “The Governor”. Sadly, I kept envisioning Egghead Pat Quinn whenever he was in the picture…the simpy, wimpy personality…yeah, pretty much. Prisoner 428- aka The Doctor- doesn’t take well to the imprisonment and immediately begins trying to escape. And continues to try. Clara keeps visiting and trying to be allowed in to see the Doctor (no one is allowed to visit the prisoners. Wait until you read all that nonsense (“the rules”). The Governor can’t help himself; he finally asks the Doctor to come to him and he asks why. The answer…well, is something. Unless the Governor helps The Doctor (428), many people will die. And then people begin to die…so it seems the Doctor’s prophecy is coming true. Well, it is, as people begin to die, but you really have no idea what the hell is up until a lot more happens. And then, the end…. which isn’t really the end, because it’s Doctor Who, but…it seems like a lot happens and then the end…well, it’s the end. And..that’s it. Kind of lackluster is the best I can describe it. I finished it and went “That’s it?” and threw it into a donate pile. For I will. I am not passing it onto friends, because I think they would be equally bored. I’m not terribly upset, because I know I still have the War Doctor Engines of War on my shelf for next week….but this seemed like such a great little idea, and nothing really comes to a whole lot of bang for someone else’s euro. Try a different Doctor Who novelization. Steer clear unless you’re a rabid fan.


~ by generationgbooks on March 4, 2015.

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