Galactic Hot Dogs 1: Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway by Max Brallier, Illustrated by Rachel Maguire (5 out of 5)


Holly, the children’s frontlist buyer for the bookstore I work for, was appalled when I told her I wanted to read this. Then she said it was impossible to get a copy, as we did not have a straight up S&S rep for children’s titles(happily, this is no longer an issue). That and the fact that I was asking her to get an advance for me that was a children’s title. And yes, I’ll be completely honest. I really was won over by the title. And the bright, vibrant cover when I saw it in the catalog. However, Holly didn’t remember that I email Wendy as often as possible requesting titles that S&S put out that grab my interest. And I always try to send a review; often I forget, as I am overwhelmed with books! And yes, I think the whole premise of the book sounded fantastic. And it was- is- pretty fantastic.

This is the first in a series that will be out on May 5, 2015, and is brought to us by Simon & Schuster. My copy, obviously, came from Wendy at S&S. Your age group on this one is 9-12; although I would also throw 42 in there (my age). I like silly, fun books when I read children’s titles. Or twisted, weird, dark humor (young adult/teen). You can tell from the blog that I like any and all children’s titles where the aliens are involved. Or just silly books. Life is too hard sometimes; and if books are your escape, why would you not pick up this title and give it a shot? You should!

Cosmoe is the Earth-Boy of our story. He’s the captain of the Neon Wiener, the best food truck in the solar system. His assistant and friend, The Big Humphree, accompanies him on his travels through the galaxy, where many days are spent cruising and staying crazy busy. This book is full of the fun food adventures of Cosmoe and Big Humphree. Among the highlights that you and the youngins have to look forward to: playing Super Moon Death Ninja Jab, cooking up Mega Dogs, staying on the run from evil, mutant worm monsters, and trying to protect all from the Ultimate Evil. Here’s the thing, dudes and dudettes. This book is FUN. There isn’t nearly enough FUN in the world today, and even in some of the children’s books I have picked up in the store as of late. The book has awesome illustrations, as well. It’s like a cool, funny comic book for kids, minus the beautiful format that usually accompanies the term GRAPHIC NOVEL. The lingo is fantastic- right on par with how I normally speak. Dude, hot butts, turbo ear slaps, I mean how could I not love it right there? But, as I said, a book is a book and many people are involved in the creation and presentation of it to the masses. Max Brallier has over twenty books to his credit, so he’s not new to this. This is, however, the first of hopefully many Galactic Hot Dogs books. Rachel Maguire’s illustrations bring these unforgettably funny characters to life. (Especially that Mega Dog. Holy crap, did I want a Wrigley Field hot dog after seeing this one brought to life in the pages. And I normally do not like hot dogs.).

So, how do I tell you how much I loved it? I hope I did just that. I also hope that you run out to your nearest independent bookstore on May 5, 2015, and pick up this awesome adventure for your little ones.


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  1. Hot butts! I’m psyched you liked my book! Thanks for the awesome review.

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