Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates: And A Thousand Cocktails by Mike and Dave Stangle (5 out of 5)


Oh, friends…I’m going to say this right off the bat– if you are easily offended, do NOT pick up this book. If you like a good laugh at the expense of others, by all means, pick up this book. Especially if you are a fan of Tucker Max. Mixed with a good dose of Wedding Crashers type shenanigans. Several of my coworkers were stunned that I am reading this “type of book”. Clearly, those coworkers do not remember my reading Tucker Max and trying to sell it to BAM customers years back. Well, here I am again- with a far better gig and I’m going to be pushing this book on people when it comes out on May 19th, via Gallery Books (also known as Simon & Schuster). Thank you to the lovely Wendy for bequeathing me a copy and not asking!

Mike and Dave Stangle need dates for their cousin’s wedding. Family members who know the brothers have warned them to get dates so that they’re not misbehaving more than usual. Obviously, the ironic part of that is that it AMPS up the brothers and their drunken exploits. They turn to the “activity partners” section of Craigslist in an attempt to get dates. They come up with this out-of-this-world ad (featuring the dynamic duo as centaurs and a hilarious written description to boot) that goes viral and the brothers are besieged with all sorts of oddball requests, pictures, and the like. How did the Stangle boys get to this point? They tell us- the good, the bad, the even worse, from childhood to now. There are no stones, boats, drunken sexual exploits, or secrets that are safe here. The brothers both take turns telling the stories of their romantic conquests and busts, and warn you what to watch out for (or more specifically, them!). Do they ever meet the perfect dates? Do they meet anyone that measures up? How bad does this experiment go wrong? Here’s the deal, readers. I like offensive men. Tucker Max? Still one of my favorite authors, despite the fact he’s a priggish lout. No punches pulled, no holds barred, and these brothers, while hilarious, are also lovable (shh…don’t say it too loud, it may damage their street cred). I can’t read enough about how the male psyche thinks of females- good and bad. I can’t learn enough in my quest to ensnare elusive males (well, one, but you get my drift), and what drives them nuts so I don’t do it. (Disclaimer: I’m a female, I’m going to drive a guy crazy, it’s in my DNA). That doesn’t mean that I can’t read this side-splitting account and laugh my ass off. For I did- and you will too. I would highly recommend this as a bachelor party gift, even though if you’re heading to a bachelor party, then it’s too late (See? Those boys got into my head with their rationale) to save the person you’re gifting with the book. I think it would also make a great gag gift. I’d love to talk to these two about how to approach the opposite sex and not make a fool of yourself (all too recently, friends, believe me) with someone you’re interested in. The bon mots of wisdom are closer to tater tots of wisdom here, with a good deal of drinking, some smoking of the grass, and all sorts of sexual hijinks. There is language, sexual situations, the aforementioned drugs and alcohol, but there’s also a lot of fun moments and offbeat humor here, and an adorable bulldog named Frank, who’s something of a wingman (wing dog)? (I hope the boys’ father writes a book. I think I’m in love with their old man!). So- buy carefully for whomever you’re gifting with it, but if they a sense of humor and some perverseness to their nature, this will go over like rover. Or better yet, in like Flynn.

~ by generationgbooks on April 10, 2015.

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