Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden #2) by AR Torre (4 out of 5)

This is the second book in Torre’s series around Deanna Madden, cam girl with a mission. Deanna’s mission- to not leave her apartment or she’ll kill someone. Say what? I’m telling you, friends, pick up the first book in the series- Girl In 6E– and your questions will be answered. It would also make a lot more sense if you read that one before this one. Did I like this one as much as the first? Well, I tore through it in 3 hours, if that answers any questions. I also loved this book, but it lost a bit of the edge for me. Which I believe was the point of the book. Let me explain more. The first book is learning who Deanna is, what makes her tick, and that book does NOT let up. This book gives you a little bit more breathing room. I have to get used to Deanna in love. Love distorts a lot of things for many, and it doesn’t distort Deanna; in fact, the opposite- it infuses her with LIFE. Which is what she’s trying to live when she ends up with another psychopath on her hands, via the cam business.

Marcus Renza has just been released from jail after being incarcerated for rape and aggravated assault. He’s sentenced to house arrest and prowling for his next victim. He ends up not being very successful, and ends up on Deanna’s cam. He’s instantly captivated, and attempts to get her to fly her to him (offering to pay her, of course). Deanna’s radar is on high alert, and she rebuffs several times, only to finally snap and have his access completely blocked. Marcus doesn’t take this well, and hires a PI who digs up her info. And then Marcus goes to find her…the shit may hit the fan this time, as Deanna really seems to have no idea it’s coming..until it’s too late. While all of this is going down, Deanna and Jeremy are indeed pursuing a relationship- one that frees Deanna from the shackles of her fate. That, while great to read for the further development of a character whose existence is the mainstay of the series, is where they lost me a bit. There’s a lot of soul searching for Deanna in this book, all in regards to Jeremy and where this relationship is going. Or if it should be going anywhere. Deanna is not your usual female character- she kicks ass and takes names- but the love thing really does a number on her. You have your usual suspects present- Jeremy (boyfriend), Simon (the junkie down the hall who locks Deanna in at night, and in this book, tries to hit on her), Derek (sex therapist), and Mike (client and computer professional extraordinaire who keeps Deanna’s information and identity secret). Again, a lot of the book, to me at least, was more about Deanna truly finding herself and just as things are about to be happy for her (the first time since her family tragedy), Marcus finds her and all hell breaks loose. What happens? Read it!

As I said, Deanna Madden is my favorite female character in years. She takes no shit, she doesn’t mince words, but inside, she’s a girl terrified of this love thing. I found that refreshing. She’s got a hell of a guy in Jeremy, who’s lets her do her cam girl thing despite his own misgivings, and stands by her. I liked that Mike was featured more prominently in this book, because I felt like Torre had just scratched the surface with him in the first book; I was glad to see another supporting character get some major face time. Marcus is a sleazeball. My skin crawled reading about him, and I thought the pedophile pig from the first book was bad… Torre has a gift for writing a convincing psychopath, as well. Geesh! The ending is fabulous, the story is fabulous, and you know I love the characters..but the romance in the book offed it for me a little. It really needed to happen for the development of the character and the plot, but it lost me a little. Not to take away from the book. I still LOVED it and will recommend the hell out of it.

~ by generationgbooks on April 20, 2015.

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