Intimacy Idiot by Isaac Oliver (5 out of 5)


This book’s title could be my code name. Isaac and I both like men. But Isaac handles the telling of his misadventures with the tilt-a-whirl of love on the other side of the fence in this hilarious collection. Within the first 15 pages, not only had I developed a telltale pain in the side from laughing, but I had regaled my coworkers with several selections of note (the roomful of Pringles? Check!). Isaac Oliver is a writer and performer who brings his comic tales to the table with his history of intimacy in lists, vignettes, essays, diaries, and anything where he can tell us his story with. And what stories. If you ever wondered what it was like for a gay man to sit on a subway day after day for a week during Breastfeeding Awareness Week- wonder no more! That’s just the start. Oliver’s tales go from realizing he was gay at a young age and trying to tell his family (who already know), to getting older and trying to meet ideal men online (THOSE are truly great stories, friends. And a lot can be learned from his Internet trolling sites), to dating men who like to dress up as dolphins (wait until you read the chapter on furries!), he’s done (literally and figuratively) it all! And he shares it with the reader. There are moments where you are pretty sure that Isaac may indeed have a broken heart for awhile, but he bounces back. There are moments of true hilarity, and others where you feel Isaac’s confusion over what the hell it is people want in a hookup or a relationship these days (I COULD write a book with him. Hint, Hint, Isaac). Underneath all of these unbelievable moments from his life thus far, there’s a sense of hope that Isaac will find THE ONE. Does he? Well, dear reader, you have to read this to find out.

Recently, I’ve been in a real state. Meaning..I haven’t gotten a lot of reading done at all. This is the first book I was able to plow through in a week. And it made me forget the oddities going on in my own romantic life (there IS hope, friends) and concentrate on someone else’s. And these were stories that were not likely to be ones you read about elsewhere, so there’s no chance your ass will be bored reading this. Quite the opposite, happily! And I DARE you to recommend it to everyone. The minute it gets released, I will be. This copy came to me, advance galley, courtesy of Wendy at S&S. Thank you, Wendy. The book itself releases on June 2, 2015. Oliver’s voice is singularly unique, bitchy, and again, at times, poignant and makes your heart ache for him. The funny far outweighs the heartache, so if you want a truly funny memoir about the ill advised adventures of the dating world, this is the one you should read!


~ by generationgbooks on May 1, 2015.

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