Slice Harvester: A Memoir In Pizza by Colin Atrophy Hagendorf (5 out of 5)


Colin Atrophy Hagendorf (what a great name!) spends two years in New York City, eating his way through the many pizza places that NYC has to offer. He takes us on a memorable tour through the hallowed and hollowed out walls of pizza places in Manhattan- ALL OF THEM. The reader is lucky enough to go on a journey through these pizza places while Colin reviews them and gives the lowdown on what makes a quality pizza pie. He also starts a blog, The Slice Harvester, about his experiences. But while things begin to accelerate in his professional life, his personal life is going the way of a days-old calzone. Colin’s chronic drinking and bad track record as a boyfriend continue to be issues, ones that the blog help him work through, but it’s far from over as far as hard habits to break. He gradually comes to the realization that if he sets a goal a day for himself, his life will- and does- change for the better.

This is a book that I got for selfish reasons. Mainly, because I fucking love pizza. It should be a food group. I worked in pizza- managing a Little Caesar’s Pizza for 8 1/2 years. So I do know a bit about pizza, so I spent a good deal of the book shaking my head “yes” to his reviews and his critiques on things that were wrong with the pies. This dude knows pizza, let there be no doubt! There were entire parts of this book where I was laughing aloud because of what I was reading. It was a lot of fun. The parts where Colin is going through personal hardships, well, that’s never easy to read, but it IS life, so take that with the good. The book is hilarious. I wonder if he has it in him to tackle a different city? Maybe he could come to Chicago and spend a summer here, trying our infamous deep dish crust. I think he could definitely find some new material here for the blog and his next book (if he has one. Let us hope he does). So, again, let me tell you again how much fun this book was. Better yet, let me further encourage you to read it. It’s out on August 11, 2015. Roll yourself down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy, and go inhale a pizza and Coke Zero while you read it.


~ by generationgbooks on July 7, 2015.

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